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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“Roman of the Dragon”: We know the premiere date of the second season. How much longer do we have to wait?

During Monday’s press conference, JB Perrette assured that “The dragon’s bloodline” is one of the few HBO series that are expected to help improve the situation of this media giant after a poor period, partly caused by last year’s strikes in Hollywood. However, it did not provide a specific premiere date.

The head of the HBO and Max programming block Casey Bloys said last November that the premiere of the second season of the sequel “Game of Thrones” was scheduled for early summer. In turn, Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav confirmed in February during the company’s financial results meeting that the new series of “Road of the Dragon” will definitely appear in the second quarter of the year.

“Roman of the Dragon” is based on the book “Fire and Blood” by George RR Martin and focuses on events that took place less than 200 years before those presented in “Game of Thrones”. “Roman of the Dragon” tells the story of House Targaryen.

“My philosophy is as follows: a good script is my priority. I don’t want one or two series a year. I want to propose a series that is based on a script that we are really proud of,” Bloys admitted. The second season of “Rogue of the Dragon” will have eight episodes – two less than the first installment of the show.

“Dark. Very dark. It may make you cry (I didn’t cry myself, but one of my friends did),” revealed George RR Martin, who has already seen the first two episodes of the second season of “Road of the Dragon.” He added that these are “strong, emotional, disturbing and heartbreaking” episodes. “What can I say? I grew up on Shakespeare, I love tragedies,” concluded Martin.

The new episodes will take place right after the events of the first season. The cast again includes: Matt Smith, Olivia Cooke, Emma D’Arcy, Eve Best, Steve Toussaint, Fabien Frankel, Ewan Mitchell, Tom Glynn-Carney, Sonoya Mizuno and Rhys Ifans. Also returning to their roles are: Harry Collett, Bethany Antonia, Phoebe Campbell, Phia Saban, Jefferson Hall and Matthew Needham.

The cast also includes: Clinton Liberty as Addam of Hull, Jamie Kenna as Alfred Broome, Kieran Bew as Hugh, Tom Bennett as Ulf, Tom Taylor as Lord Cregan Stark and Vincent Regan as Rickard Thorne.

As previously announced, the cast will also include: Abubakar Salim as Alyn of Hull, Gayle Rankin as Alys Rivers, Freddie Fox as Gwayne Hightower and Simon Russell Beale as Simon Strong.

The creation of the third season of “Romance of the Dragon” is already certain, although an official decision on this matter has not been announced yet. It is expected that HBO will soon give the green light to start writing scripts, conducting castings and preparing production.

A fourth season is also very likely. It is known that the showrunner of the series, Ryan Condal, is currently working with writer George RR Martin to divide the plot of the book “Fire and Blood”, on which the series was based. They are supposed to break down the events described in it so that they are enough for several seasons of the series.

The creators of the series have not yet finally decided how many seasons “Road of the Dragon” will have. It is known that some of the events that were to be shown in the second season – including an important battle – were moved to the third series of the HBO production due to the shortened number of episodes.