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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“Rebel Angel”: She played Andrea in the series. What does Mariana Arias look like today?

Fallen Angel” is a title that warmed up the Polish audience in the early 2000s. The Argentine telenovela depicting the fate of the maid Milagros (Natalia Oreiro), who fell in love with her boss’s son – Iva (Facundo Arana), stole the hearts of viewers sitting in front of their TV sets, and repeated episodes are still included in the TV schedule.

Although a lot of time has passed since the first broadcast of Muñeca brava, fans of the production constantly check what the actors playing the main roles are doing. One of the stars of the series was Mariana Arias, who played Andrea, a beautiful secretary who tried to seduce Ivo. The heroes were even a couple for some time, but ultimately it was Milagros who won the heart of the handsome man.

Mariana Arias is currently 58 years old and is one of the active participants of Instagram. There, the actress also appears in a slightly more private version. A short biography posted online shows that he deals with, among others, journalism. In turn, the media reports that Mariana is also a successful businesswoman: she has, among others, own line of perfumes.

Andrea from “Rebel Angel” willingly publishes various photographs showing a fragment of her reality. The feisty twinkle in the eye, the delicate smile and the dark, long strands – this has remained unchanged.

Below are some of her latest photos:

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