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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“Ranczo” – a series that does not want to be forgotten

Series “Ranch“, one of the most famous titles of Polish television, which entertained viewers on TVP1 for a decade (2006-2016), continues to live in the hearts of fans. With 130 episodes, the film “Ranczo Wilkowyje” and related books, “Ranczo” has become a phenomenon , whose popularity continues uninterrupted, available on platforms such as TVP VOD Whether Netflix.

Among the “Ranchers” However, there is growing impatience related to rumors about a possible second “Ranczo” film. “Revenge of the Witches”, which led to the creation of a petition demanding the disclosure of the script and its publication as a book. The fan initiative has encountered obstacles, but hope for the continuation of Wilkowyj’s story still smolders in the hearts of fans.

“Ranczo” gained status cult production, but the decisions of the TVP authorities have raised eyebrows among loyal fans for years. Scenario “Ranch, the witches’ revenge“, which was the last work of Andrzej Grembowicz (Robert Brutter), remained unused despite being ready in 2017. Telewizja Polska’s resistance to its implementation remains a mystery to many.

The actors and creators of the series, including Bartłomiej Kasprzykowski, point to the decisions of the then president of TVP, Jacek Kurski, as the main obstacle.

Fans believe that changes in the TVP management board may open up new opportunities for the project, which has been in limbo for years.

In response to the silent archives and the indecision of policymakers, The “rancher” community decided to take matters into their own hands.

It was created on the initiative of fans a petition calling for the publication of the script for the film “Ranczo. Revenge of the Witches” in book form. The initiative quickly gained support, collecting over 430 signatures, demonstrating the fans’ continued interest and dedication.

Will the petition from “Rancz” fans convince the decision-makers and allow the publication of the “Ranczo: Revenge of the Witches” script? Time will tell, but regardless of the outcome, the “ranchers” have already proven that their love for the show is stronger than any obstacles.

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