Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“Project Hail Mary”: Sandra Hüller joined Ryan Gosling

“Project Hail Mary” is an adaptation of Andy Weir's book of the same title, also published in Poland.

“A lone astronaut must save the Earth from a catastrophe. Of the crew that set out on a fatal last-chance mission, only Ryland Grace survived. Now it's up to him whether humanity survives. But he has no idea about it yet. At first, he doesn't even remember who he is, so how does he know what he has undertaken and how to accomplish it? For now, all he knows is that he was in a coma for a very long time. And after waking up, he found himself incredibly far from home bodies of deceased companions. Time passes inexorably, and Grace, light years away from other people, is on her own. But is it really? – can be read in the short description of the novel.

Ryan Gosling has been involved in the project since 2020. Around the same time, he was joined by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, creators of “21 Jump Street” and “The Lego Movie.” Shortly afterwards, screenwriter Drew Goddard was contracted to adapt Weir's literary debut – “The Martian”. In 2015, it was adapted for the screen by Ridley Scott.

Gosling already has experience with films set in space. In 2018, he played Neil Armstrong in Damien Chazelle's biographical drama “First Man”. We recently saw him on screen in the Oscar-winning “Barbie”. For his supporting role as Ken, the actor had a chance to win the first statuette in his career.

She was also nominated for an Oscar this year Sandra Hüller, who has just joined the production of “Project Hail Mary”. She is a German actress, born in 1978, a graduate of the Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts in Berlin. So far, she has appeared mainly in domestic productions. In 2006 for her role in the drama “Requiem” received the Silver Bear at the Berlinale in the best actress category. She also delighted viewers in the 2016 film titled ““Toni Erdmann”.

It really became loud about it in 2023. Her two films: “Anatomy of a fall” and “Zone of interests” premiered at the Cannes festival at that time. Both productions later received five Oscar nominations, including the best film of the year. Hüller had a chance to win a statuette for her role in “Anatomy of a Fall”but ultimately had to acknowledge the superiority of Emma Stone (“Poor Creatures”).