Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Polsat Hit Festival in Sopot. Viewers moved by what they saw (Wodecki, Jeżowska and others)

Another extremely successful edition is behind us Polsat Hit Festival, which took place on May 24-25, traditionally at the Forest Opera in Sopot.

Saturday's concerts began with a show “They made their debut on Polsat” with the participation of stars who took their first steps at this station.

The list of participants itself is enough to prove that Polsat has had a keen eye for spotting musical gems many times, and many of them appeared in two programs – “Idol” (the first talent show in Poland) and “Must Be The Music. Only music”, which promoted performers with their own repertoire. A big surprise for viewers was prepared by Polsat's program director, Edward Miszczakwho presented the award to the group Enej confirmed that “MBTM” will return to Polsat.

Recall that this program debuted in 2011 and aired for six years. In total, as many as 11 editions were carried out – in each of them the participants were assessed Elżbieta Zapendowska (voice emission specialist known from “Idol”), an unforgettable vocalist of the group MaanamOlga “Kora” Jackowska and a respected conductor Adam Sztaba.

In the first six editions, they were also accompanied by a famous member of the team Afromental vocalist Wojciech “Łozo” Łozowski. In editions 7-10, he was replaced by the leader of a rock band Coma, Piotr Rogucki. In turn, in the last episode he appeared at the jury table Tymon Tymański, legendary musician of the independent scene. They ran the program Paulina Sykut-Jeżyna and Maciej Rockand by the end there were regularly over 2 million viewers in front of their TV sets (the first five editions had an average audience of well over 3 million).

For now, all details of the new version of “Must Be The Music” are kept secret, although it is known that the jury composition will undergo major changes (Kora died in July 2018 after a serious illness). It was in this program that their path to fame began, among others: Enej, LemON, Kasia Moś, Tomasz “Kowal” Kowalski, Oberschlesien, Mateusz Ziółko, Future Folk, Shata QS, Be.My, Piękni i Młodzi, Kaśka Sochacka, Besides and Marcin Sprawałek.

At the Forest Opera, there were many performers on stage who took their first steps in the above-mentioned “Idol”. This is where they started Ania Dąbrowska (20 years have just passed since the release of her debut album “Loneliness after dark”) and a long-haired metal fan at the time – Krzysztof Zalewskiand Thomsonwho performed with his band during Saturday's concert Afromental. At the end of the group's performance, the guitar player delivered unexpected news from the stage Baronwho revealed that his son Leonard was born to his wife Sandra Kubicka. The network was immediately flooded with congratulations from fans and friends from the entertainment industry. “He did it beautifully! Congratulations and good health,” we read. “How sweet,” she commented Maffashion.

On the other hand Sebastian Karpiel-Bułecka with the group Zakopower he made his debut on stage in Sopot TOPTends in 2005.

– We will play a song that we once won a festival here with. It will be a song “What would you like” and our biggest hit “Barefoot”so there will be something happening – he told Interia before going on stage.

An unusual debutant from Polsat created a sensation on the stage – Kuba Badach. Unusual, because his debut as a juror was his appearance in the program “The Four”. This time he reached for hits Andrzej ZauchaYou were a heartbeat” and “The lazy devil”. A singer who was also a presenter and one of the guests of Friday's 30th anniversary concert Andrzej Piaseczny, received numerous praises. “Beautiful as always, I could listen to it for hours,” one viewer enthused.

Polsat viewers know perfectly well that everyone will find something for themselves during the festival. Because of great hits, because of popular stars, and finally, numerous anniversaries to properly honor the valued figures of the Polish music scene. She celebrated her 45th anniversary at the Forest Opera Majka Jeżowskawhich is loved by everyone – from the smallest children to the much bigger and older ones who grew up on its songs back in the 80s. “And I prefer my mother”, “A doll made of Saxon porcelain”, “The most beautiful in the class”, “All the children are ours”, “I've been in a good mood since the morning” – everyone knows these hits and is happy to support Majka in singing, whether in front of the stage or in front of TV sets.

The “most beautiful in class” singer also caused a lot of confusion because she presented an absolutely premiere song “We're having fun with life” recorded with a youth idol, a rapper Malik Montana.

“I should ask how you're having fun, but you're having a great time. And how could it be otherwise? It's a great honor to present the statuette on behalf of the Interia editorial team and the 21 million users who visit the portal,” he said. Przemysław Białkowskidirector of the Innovation Department at Interia, presenting the singer with an award on the occasion of her anniversary.

The Polsat Hit Festival ended with a moving concert paying tribute to the unforgettable Zbigniew Wodecki. Let us remind you that this singer, author of countless hits, and also a juror “Dancing with the Stars”died on May 22, 2017. His work resembles a festival Wodecki Twistwhich together with Męskie Granie prepared the project “Wodecki / Pater” presented at the Forest Opera. The guitarist, composer and music producer is responsible for new arrangements of Wodecki's songs Kamil Pater.

When starting to work on the concert, Kamil Pater needed an impulse that would stimulate him creatively. He imagined meeting a young debutant Zbyszek Wodecki, who asks for musical arrangements of his newly written songs. As a result, Kamil invited young artists such as: Victor Dyduła, Piotr Odoszewski, David Tyszkowski Whether Wiktor Waligóra.

In addition to these singers, sisters also appeared in Sopot Natalia and Paulina Przybysz. The touching concert could not have ended differently – we heard a classic “I like going back to where I was” released with voice Zbigniew Wodecki.