Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Polsat Hit Festival 2024: What happened at the “Męskie Granie – Wodecki Twist / Pater” concert?

“WODECKI / PATER” is a project that was created on the initiative of the organizers of two festivals: Wodecki Twist and Męskiego Granie. They invited a guitarist, composer and music producer – Kamil Patera – to create new song arrangements Zbigniew Wodecki.

When starting to work on the concert, Kamil Pater needed an impulse that would stimulate him creatively. He imagined meeting a young debutant Zbyszek Wodecki, who asks for musical arrangements of his newly written songs. As a result, Kamil invited young artists such as: Victor Dyduła, Piotr Odoszewski, David Tyszkowski Whether Wiktor Waligórawho, thanks to their youth, recalled the extraordinary energy contained in Zbigniew Wodecki's songs and became a reflection of Kamil Pater's concept.

Initially, the project was to be presented only during concerts at the above-mentioned festivals, but the audience's reception and interest in the project decided to release an album titled “WODECKI / PATER” published by Mystic Production.

Polsat viewers could also watch a unique spectacle on the second day Polsat Hit Festival. It featured: Natalia and Paulina Przybysz, Piotr Odoszewski, Wiktor Dyduła, Wiktor Waligóra and Dawid Tyszkowski.

The concert that Maciej Rock, Krzysztof Ibisz and Paulina Sykut-Jeżyna announcedbegan with the performance of the hit “Chałupy Welcome To” by Paulina Przybysz and Wiktor Dyduła.

Next song – “Start with Bach” – it is a combination of a beautiful arrangement with Wodecki's vocals, Paulina Przybysz and Piotr Odoszewski.

When Paulina left the stage, her sister appeared Natalia Przybysz. The singer first sang a hit “Quit all the bad things”, and then the beautiful song “Isolde”. He accompanied her in his performance Wiktor Waligóra. The artist then sang solo “Your smile above all”.

The second Wiktor during this concert – Dyduła – known, among others, from “Idol” – presented the song “You will find me again.”

Another one appeared on the scene David Tyszkowski. One of the most talented artists of the young generation performed the hit “Panny my grandfather” in a refreshed arrangement, from Wodecki's debut album – “1976”, which was appreciated after many years. After that we heard again Piotr Odoszewski. This time with the song “Love Me”.

The whole thing ended with an unforgettable classic “I like going back to where I was” released with voice Zbigniew Wodecki.