Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Polsat Hit Festival 2024: They made their debut on Polsat. A surprising finale to the concert!

Second day Polsat Hit Festival started a unique concert “They made their debut on Polsat”. His presenters were Maciej Dowbor and Maciej Rock.

Artists who started their musical careers on this television appeared on stage. On stage we saw performers such as: Ania Dąbrowska, Krzysztof Zalewski, Afromental, Zakopower band, Kuba Badach and Enej. It was a great opportunity for viewers to remember who started at Polsat and see how their careers developed.

The band started the first concert of the second day Enejwho was a hit on the show “Must be the music”. The group won the first season of the beloved Polsat talent show, and their career immediately took off.

The group performed songs on the Sopot stage “Radio Hello” (viewers saw a fragment of their performance from “MTBM”) and “Winged hands”.

Before the musicians left the stage, they had the opportunity to talk to their loved ones, and the program director of Polsat, Edward Miszczak, presented them with a special award. “At that time I was working in another place and I didn't believe in your success,” he confessed, and a moment later he confirmed that the program in which the members of Enej made their debut – “Must Be The Music” – returns to Polsat.

They were the second to take over the stage Sebastian Karpiel-Bułecka with the group Zakopower. The folk band debuted on stage in Sopot TOPTends in 2005!

– We will play a song that we once won a festival here with. It will be a song “What would you like” and our biggest hit “Barefoot”, so there will be something happening – he told Interia before going on stage. And so it happened. Zakopower they made the audience dance. “You haven't changed anything, you've just become more lively,” said Maciej Dowbor, and in response he heard that the singer was getting older.

Another “debutante” was Krzysztof Zalewski, who started at Polsat in the “Idol” program, which he won in the second season. Known mainly as at the time Zalef, delighted with his strong voice, long hair and rock style. However, Zalewski did not decide to play the song “Znikam” on stage, but focused on the repertoire that made him one of the most popular vocalists in Poland. The audience heard “Annuszka” and “Kochaj”, which Zalewski and his team released online the day before the performance in Sopot.

After a while, Zalewski was standing nearby Maciek Rock, entered his voice. “I was hoping we would talk longer,” he said, and a moment later he told an anecdote from “Idol” and recalled that Rock had helped the future star with coffee from a vending machine during the auditions. Moreover, Zalewski announced a new album and a concert tour.

After the commercials, viewers saw another “Idol” star. Ania Dąbrowska from the beginning, she was considered one of the favorites to win the first edition of Polsat's talent show. However, voters at that time decided otherwise and Dąbrowska was eliminated in one of the final episodes. However, this did not stop her from making a spectacular career. Ania became one of the most popular singers in Poland, and her hits occupied the charts for many weeks. Dąbrowska chose two songs for the concert: “I Can't Win With You” and “Tips for Betrayal (Shivers)”.

He is an unusual newcomer from Polsat Kuba Badach. He made his debut as a juror in the program “The Four”. The singer, who appeared on stage twice as a guest yesterday, had his moment on stage today. Badach performed the songs “You were a heartbeat” and “The lazy devil”. When Badach left the stage, he told Rock and Dowbor that if he didn't sing, he would be a policeman. And then he gave a speech about using turn signals at roundabouts.

The concert “They debuted in Polsat” was closed by the musicians Afromentalwho performed “Rock&Rollin' Love” and “To The End”. The group took its first steps on the Sopot stage during the festival TOPTends in 2007. When the band finished, Baron grabbed the microphone and asked the audience to make some noise for his newborn son Leonard. The guitarist even surprised the hosts of the show with this announcement.

The punch line belonged to Maciej Dowbor, who showed the viewers “all the embarrassing debuts Maciek Rock.