Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Polsat Hit Festival 2024: Diamond concert. Who performed?

On the second day of the Polsat Hit Festival – right after the “They debuted in Polsat” concert – the audience saw a concert with the greatest hits of recent months in Poland. During the Diamond Concert, the following people appeared on stage: Smolasty, Blanka, Skolim and Malik Montana.

She was the first to appear on stage Blanka, who received a Diamond disc for her single “Solo”, with which she conquered not only Poland, but also Europe during Eurovision in 2023. The singer in a gold blouse and short shorts performed surrounded by dancers and attracted attention with her dance choreography (there were splits and twerk).

When the Eurovision star danced off the stage, he got his time in Sopot Tarry. The singer, about whom we learned a few interesting facts a moment earlier, performed his latest hits – “Duże Oczy” (he received a double diamond for it) and “Pijemy za przedlepsza” (cover Wilków)

He took the audience into the Latin atmosphere Skolim, who played the number “You look perfect”. This is one of the most popular songs in Poland, with over 190 million views on YouTube!

The Diamond Concert was closed by the rapper Malik Montana. For this occasion, the record-breaking star in Polish streaming has prepared three songs: “Pressure Makes Diamonds”, “Dior” and “Voices in the head”. The star thanked the concert organizers for inviting a somewhat “incorrectly political artist who, however, has a big heart”. “A huge thank you to Polsat TV for being here,” he added.

However, this was not the end of the festival for Malik Montana. Moments later – during Majka Jeżowska's anniversary – he was to create a surprising duet with her.