Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Polish city in the ranking of the most party-friendly cities. Not Krakow or Wrocław

How many tourists, so many different ways to explore new destinations. While some people, holding the city map firmly in their hands, mark subsequent “must see” points on their list, others leisurely, without much plan, wander the streets, stopping at those places that they think deserve attention.

There are also those who go to bed right after dinner, wanting to gain some strength for another exciting day. Others at this time are getting ready for the evening, also wanting to get to know each other. The opinions of the latter were taken into account when creating the latest ranking prepared by Slot.Day. Which destinations turned out to be a hit for nightlife lovers?

In its study, Slot.Day analyzed all European capitals. The focus was primarily on the number of highly rated facilities on tourist portals, including TripAdvisor. In this way, a list of the best destinations for those who like to experience a bit more of the party side of the city has been prepared.

The ranking, with a surprising number of over 850 highly rated bars, clubs and pubs, opens with . The capital of England turns out to delight not only with Buckingham Palace, the Palace of Westminster, Tower Bridge and the London Eye, but also with a number of places intended for lovers of night fun.

Right behind her was . Many tourists, emphasizing that the local beer is one of the best in the world, willingly choose this destination not only because of the charm and rich history of this city. According to the ranking, Prague boasts almost 420 clubs and bars that have received excellent reviews from guests.

The Bulgarian team finishes the podium. This destination, which is particularly popular among Poles in summer, offers guests over 110 bars and pubs with a rating of at least four stars.

Fourth place was taken by . Behind him was . Although both of these cities do not boast a large number of highly rated establishments (20 and 61 respectively), their number, combined with accommodation prices, allowed them to overtake other European capitals.

The next places in the ranking belong to , where experts found exactly 109 highly rated locations, and , with 133 popular clubs and pubs. Poland was right behind them. Thanks to 99 highly rated locations, the capital has won the sympathy of many tourists looking for entertainment. Warsaw overtook and .

As the authors of the ranking emphasize, many of these cities “offer a balance between high-quality nightlife and affordable accommodation.” Cities from the list may become a good place to organize stag and hen parties, as an alternative to: France, Spain or Portugal. A less obvious choice does not necessarily have to be less successful.