Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Pawbeats “DZIENNA”: a good combination of pop and hip-hop

For the sequel to the album “NOCNA” Pawbeats decided to invite 20 guests. This number should not surprise anyone, because it is the guests who give color to the producer’s albums.

Thanks to this, many interesting and non-obvious collaborations are created, which always electrify listeners. One of the ones that interested me the most was the duet Mr. Polish With Ewa Farna in the song “Hollywood”. The creator of the hit on this non-obvious pop beat “Golden Terraces” performed unexpectedly well, and Ewa Farna’s vocals added a softer sound to the whole thing.

Another couple worth noting is Zeamsone and Toe in singles “SCRATCHES”. This is not the first time Pawbeats has produced a soundtrack for rappers, as he has already collaborated with Tymek, Kizo and Kukon, so he had no problems here either. It all just sounds good. However, I think that Zeamsone did much better on this track, for which he deserves huge applause. Paluch, in his own style, although slightly monotonous, complements the entire piece with a chorus and the second verse.

As for the solo guests, it’s not bad here either. It mainly caught my attention Attachmentwhich fits perfectly into the ballad “Catch me”. I didn’t know this side of him, but the song is really at a high level. I feel the same way about the single “Despite everything” With Sarius, which has a strong predisposition to being the best track on this album. Even though the album is full of Polish rappers, Pawbeats manages to create a non-obvious sound that does not disappoint.

The single with a famous internet creator made the biggest media publicity Jakub Patecki “Skit about the Himalayas”. The song perfectly fits both boys’ passion for mountain climbing, which resulted in a music video recorded in the Himalayas, which is probably the highest recorded Polish music video of all time. The song itself does not stand out from the rest, despite Patec’s lack of a significant musical career. This is another example of how Internet creators penetrate the music industry, sometimes in a really great style.

“DZIENNA” is an album in which you can hear Pawbeats’ style from beginning to end. The only thing missing from it is the conceptual nature, which is important to me in the case of long-playing albums. This, however, is difficult by definition in the case of producer albums. Regardless, it was really nice to listen to. However, I will only return to individual songs.

Pawbeats, “DAILY”, Sony