Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Paloma Faith before a concert in Poland: “This country has a special place in my heart”

Damian Westfal, Interia: You are currently on tour. What emotions are you feeling?

Paloma Faith: – Honestly, I feel exhausted (laughter) because this is my first time touring as a single mother and I have to deal with a lot of things, including guilt, because I work so much away from my children.

At your concerts you present songs from your latest album “The Gloryfication of Sadness”. I think this album is more than songs about love and relationships. Does he have some greater mission?

– The album, whose mission was initially that I was trying to find a way to express my emotions after the breakup of my relationship, was finally finalized in such a way that it is actually about trying to talk about women's problems, about feminism, about their exploitation in society. Yes, I think it's a mission and it's something special. Because women, especially mothers, are expected today to sacrifice everything and never complain or be grumpy. It's annoying, but at the same time it's fuel for putting your difficult emotions down on paper.

With this album you are opening a new era, not only in music, but also in life. What is this new era?

– Energized, empowered and regaining control. It's all about being a strong woman, as a mother, but also as an individual person who has her own physical and emotional needs and desires. Not everything is so black and white. Many people think that now that I'm a mother, I don't want to have sex ever again. There is some false belief that in the case of mothers we must be virgins again.

You left a piece of heart and… your typical sincerity on this album.

– This is my most personal album to date, drawing from my own experiences. Oh, I can't wait to share this new era (laughter).

In turn, I can't help but ask this, at least for Polish fans, but are you looking forward to the concert in Poland?

– Very very very. Coming back to Poland is really exciting for me, because here in Warsaw I even shot a music video for my song “How You Leave A Man”, we took various visualizations and great photos used in my tour. All this was taken in Poland and by a Polish photographer. So for this reason alone, this country has a special place in my heart.

I just know that this is not your first visit to Poland. Do you have any associations or memories related to Poland?

– It reminds me of my best show in Poland, what can I say – with the best show in Europe, because during my previous performances here the audience was amazing. It was really good energy that I remember well.

Do you have a favorite part of concerts?

– I like the whole thing, but while I was touring the UK I was recording this new album and I realized that creatively I really love singing my new songs.

You plan to release your book “MILF: Motherhood, Identity, Love and F*ckery” in June. Many of the threads in the book description may fit your story. So will it be an autobiographical book?

– Partially yes, but there will also be some opinions about the world and what it looks like from my perspective. In this book, I invite you to explore, among other things, my own adolescence, my relationship with my mother, the fight against expectations, and being a mother. It's a bittersweet story about what it's like to be a woman.