Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Over 30 years ago, her hit was on everyone’s lips. Today, Lisa Stansfield avoids the media

Career Lisa Stansfield spanning over four decades has resulted in many successes – over 20 million records sold and ten international hits such as “All Around the World”, “Change” and “All Woman”.

Stansfield’s debut album – “Affection” from 1989 – promoted by the hit single “All Around The World”, was a huge success. This is how her great career began. – It’s interesting what happened at the end of that decade and in the early 90s. We took music from America and made it ours. And then we sold it there as well. They were speechless, she told Interia.

At the turn of the 1980s and 1990s, Lisa Stansfield was one of the most interesting pop artists in the world. She performed in a duet with George Michael and Queen and one of her songs was included on the film’s soundtrack “Bodyguard”.

At some point, Stansfield’s career slowed down and she fell somewhat out of the limelight. Only after a break of several years did the singer return to show business, and in 2013 she sold two large tours around Great Britain and Europe. In February 2014, she released her seventh studio album titled “Seven” – inspired by the artist’s love for soul and the times when she sang in clubs as a teenager.

– It was a strange, really strange time. The success of the first two albums was off the charts. Everything has turned upside down. I’m not the type of person to have one big party after another. We recorded the next album in Ireland. While there, I started to become interested in houses and real estate. I felt more and more bored. Everyone knew who I was, she told Interia at the time

While Stansfield disappeared from the media radar, she decided to move to Ireland, where she lived for 14 years.

The singer is aware that her career has stopped for good and she will never return to the top.

“This situation scares me a bit. There is a strange atmosphere in which it is not clear who wants what. Art is one thing, hit singles are another thing. We are torn. Originality and diversity are being lost. Nobody wants to break away from this popular trend and no one will make any bold decision on this matter,” she commented after her return.

On the other hand, Stansfield revealed that she did not intend to chase current trends. – Today it’s time to take off all your clothes. Bare yourself. When preparing the album, I thought I wouldn’t do that. On the contrary. What if it doesn’t work? It’s difficult. I’ll stay at home and watch TV. Or I will travel. I’m not short of money. I do it out of personal need, she told Interia.

In 2019, the now 57-year-old singer admitted – while promoting her eighth album “Deeper” – that she had repeatedly been a victim of inappropriate behavior from her fans. The singer revealed that she sometimes reminded fans to keep their hands to themselves when taking photos with her.

“Try taking a picture with someone at a meeting and greeting someone while they keep trying to grab your breasts,” she said during Yahoo!’s Whie Wine Question Time podcast. “It happens all the time and I say ‘can you please keep your hands off my breasts’,” she explained

The above-mentioned album “Deeper” concludes her discography. Since then, she has severely limited her stage activities. In 2021, she was a special guest at one of the concerts Simply Red.

Stansfield rarely appears in public these days. She lives in London with her husband Ian Devaney, whom she met while still at school. Despite their close relationship with the man, for many years they were only friends and musical collaborators. It was Ian who was behind her biggest hit “All Around The World”.

The Britisher married her schoolmate in 1998. She had previously been in a relationship with the Italian designer Augusto Grassi, whom she met on vacation and married him almost immediately. However, the relationship did not last very long. The marriage broke up after only 4 months.