Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Oscars 2024: He accused of stealing at the gala and caused a storm. Now he apologizes

There were almost no surprises at this year’s Oscar gala. A slight surprise was the only Oscar for “The Boy and the Heron” by Hayao Miyazaki in the “best animation” category. Her favorite was “Spider-Man: Through the Multiverse.” The title won, among others, seven Annie Awards, extremely valued in the industry, including the best animated feature film.

Shameik Moore, the voice of Miles Morales, the main character of “Through the Multiverse”, could not come to terms with the Oscar verdict. When it turned out that the Academy had decided to award “The Boy and the Heron” instead of “Spider-Man”, he published an entry on social media containing only one, but eloquent word: “robbed”.

This caused a real storm. Many people accused him of insulting the living legend of animation.

Moore calmed down a bit and realized he had made a mistake. So he published another post on social media, apologizing for the previous one.

“Winners deserve respect, and I simply cannot lose,” Moore said. “But we didn’t really lose. Our work influenced many people. We weren’t appreciated today, but life goes on,” added the actor.

Let us remind you that for Miyazaki, who was not present at the gala, this was the second Oscar in his career after “Spirited Away”. The creator of the legendary Studio Ghibli announced long ago that “The Boy and the Heron” would be his last film. So he couldn’t have dreamed of a better start to his well-deserved retirement.