Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Oppo Air Glass 3. New XR glasses with AI shown at MWC 2024

Apple, together with the goggles, brought hope to the AR/VR market in consumer solutions of this type, which we are now seeing during the MWC 2024 trade fair, which takes place in Barcelona and will last until February 29. Some manufacturers present their own gadgets, including Oppo, which brought to the capital of Catalonia.

During MWC 2024, Oppo showed off smart XR glasses called Air Glass 3. For now, it is not a finished product, but it will be introduced to stores soon. The device is in the prototype phase, but it already looks really promising.

Oppo Air Glass 3 are XR glasses that, when connected to the brand’s smartphone, will gain access to . This offers great opportunities in the field of . The device offers access to a digital assistant with which you can communicate via voice commands.

Oppo’s prototype XR glasses also support . In this way you can, among others: turn on music, answer voice calls, display information or view photos.

In terms of technical specifications, the new Oppo device offers a brightness of over 1,000 nits. An original solution was used here, which allowed to obtain a refractive index of 1.70. The whole thing weighs only 50 g. Air Glass 3 also has four noise-cancelling microphones. The manufacturer boasts that the gadget will provide very good sound quality and privacy protection functions.

During the event at MWC 2024 in Barcelona, ​​Oppo also showed off other technologies it is working on. These include solutions based on artificial intelligence that will go to the brand’s smartphones. The Reno 11 and Find N3 series will receive a new AI-based photo editing tool.

In addition, users will soon receive access to the one developed by Microsoft. This is to take place soon and is one of the stages of deepening cooperation with partners.