Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“One day we will tell each other everything”: A sensual story about forbidden love

The new film by leading European director Emily Atef (“The Stranger in Me”, “3 Days in Quiberon”) is an adaptation of the popular German novel by Daniela Krien, which was also released in Poland. As in his previous films, Atef focuses on extensive character psychology and wonders what pushes us into the unknown.

Action of the film “One day we will tell each other everything” takes place in the GDR, in 1990. This year’s hot summer brings an announcement of changes. Not only the political ones, but also the personal ones. Maria is nineteen and lives with her boyfriend Johannes on his parents’ farm in the countryside of Thuringia. Instead of focusing on school and the upcoming final exams, the girl spends her days on casual reading.

When one day she runs into Henner, a farmer from the neighborhood, she realizes that a completely new chapter in her life is beginning. One inconspicuous touch and an exchange of glances are enough to ignite a wild, uncontrollable passion between Maria and a charismatic man twice her age.

In the atmosphere of new possibilities that can be felt after the unification of Germany, a secret, forbidden love is born. Full of passion, longing and desire that will sweep away everything in its path.

“One Day We’ll Tell Each Other Everything” in cinemas from March 15.