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“On the Signal”: Episode 543. He pretends to be someone he is not! It will catch the teacher’s eye

But from the beginning. Czarek (Maksymilian Balcerowski) will turn to Beniamin with a shocking request to go to an interview at Renia’s school (Oliwia Sikora) and pretended to be her father. He will also explain that the girl’s parents are absolutely unable to appear at the meeting scheduled by the teacher.

– The mother is gone – Czarek will inform.

– Should I get him back on his feet quickly? – asked Benio.

– Could you go to the meeting for him? – he will hear in response.

– You must be crazy! – the doctor, genuinely outraged by the shocking idea, will comment at first.

– Please! Just this once! – Renia and Czarek will not give up.

– No way.

– Nobody checks it, and the situation is really unique…

It’s always special with you – says Benio.

– There will be a scandal if no one shows up – Renia interjects.

“You won’t get kicked out of school,” Vick said.

We just don’t know… – the girl sighs.

The teenagers finally manage to talk Vick into it a temporary change of identity and going to an interview at Renia’s school as her father. Benio will deliberately sit as far away from the teacher as possible, just so as not to draw attention to himself. But the smart teacher will immediately spot the handsome guy in the crowd of parents. Especially since Vick simply catches her eye. At some point the woman will say that Renia’s problems are so serious that… The three of them should meet every week.

– I’m listening? Yeah… I mean, sure. Everything for Renia – Benio turned pale.

– Honestly, I thought you would hide behind your wife. But it’s nice that you are so involved in raising your daughter. Not many men can afford it, the teacher praises him.

Unfortunately, Benia’s fraud will be revealed during the unlucky interview. At some point,… will stagger into the room where the meeting with parents will take place… Renia’s real father (Arkadiusz Kos).

– Respect… Is this meeting… IIIB? – the clearly tipsy man will ask.

Basically, the meeting is over… – the teacher will answer truthfully.

– Can not be! I promised Renia that I would come… – the latecomer will be worried.

Reni? Are you…? – the teacher will be interested.

– Her father! Do not see? – he will hear in response.

– Then… who are you?! – the teacher will get angry.

– I’ll explain everything!… – Vick will say, embarrassed.

At this point, Renia’s father will fall.

– Mother! What is going on here?! – the teacher will get angry.

– Relax, I am a doctor – Vick will say.

– Just like Renia’s dad? – the teacher will ask.

What will happen next?

We would like to inform you that the 543rd episode of “Na Signale” will be broadcast on Monday, March 18 at 21.55 on TVP2.

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