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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“Officer Alex”: Episode 1/series 21. Strong start to the season. She will be kidnapped

That day, Kasia will make an appointment with Commissioner Król (Monika Szufladowicz) to go to the climbing wall. However, before entering the club, he will receive a message that he must take care of one of the foundation’s charges. Under these circumstances, Agata will take her friend Arleta (Joanna Chułek), a modest bank employee, to training. Suddenly someone falls down. It will turn out to be Arleta…

Although at first glance the situation will look like an accident, Commissioner Król will start sniffing around. He will discover that there was no knot at the end of the safety rope. During the investigation, it turns out that a new employee started working at the climbing club that day, but disappeared after the accident. He was the one who secured the victim.

Gutek and Sochoń, who are called to the scene, will show an emotional attitude towards the investigation: Kasia was at the club at that time! They will quickly find the wanted employee who will admit that someone paid him to damage the person Agata was coming with. But he didn’t want to kill anyone.

Meanwhile, one of the suspects arrested in the club will start threatening Gutek with revenge. The cop won’t take it seriously. The case will become more complicated when the arrested person escapes. To make matters worse, Kasia will start receiving silent calls. She will think that someone is following her. He will tell Gutek about it, although he won’t really care. Bielski will check the number – it is a pre-paid phone, so the owner’s details cannot be traced.

On top of all this, Sochoń will meet an old friend from Nowy Targ. He’s the brother of the man he put behind bars for a double murder. That one died in his cell. Of course, now my brother blames Sochoń for this.

At the end of the fateful day, someone will pull Kasia into the van… When she does not come home at night and does not answer her cell phone, Gutek will sense that something bad has happened to her. Sochonia will inform about it. He will blame Gutek because he will link Kasia’s disappearance with a dangerous killer who escaped from custody and threatened Bielski with revenge.

Will Sochon and Gutek manage to rescue Kasia from the bandits?

We reveal that the 1st episode of the 21st season “Commissioner Alex” will be broadcast on Saturday, April 6 at 20.20 on TVP1.