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Not just “Emily in Paris”. The daughter of a famous musician starred in several high-profile productions

Lily Collins was born in 1989 in England, but when she was just a few years old, her parents divorced and she was forced to move to Los Angeles. She started her acting career very early — she made her first appearances at the age of two in the series “Kids, Troubles and Us”. How is the actress doing now?

Lily Collins is not only an actress, but also journalist and model. In 2007, she appeared in the Chanel fashion show during a charity ball. A year later, she was chosen by the Spanish edition of Glamor magazine as their “international model of the year”.

As a teenager, she wrote small articles for renowned fashion magazines and the Los Angeles Times, and graduated in broadcast journalism and multimedia from the University of Southern California.

She made her debut on big screens thanks to the production “Big Mike. The Blind Side” in 2009. The film was nominated for an Oscar, and the award in the “Best Actress in a Leading Role” category was won by Sandra Bullock.

Lily Collins has been regularly appearing on screens since then.

The actress comes from a quite media family, and most of the noise was around her parents’ breakup, which is why the actress is rather reluctant to talk about her private life.

Lily Collins she is the daughter of famous musician Phil Collins and Jill Tavelman, who was his second wife. The actress is the couple’s only child, but has four half-siblings, as Phil Collins has been married several times. She is most close to her youngest brother, Nik. Two of her brothers, like their father, chose music as their goal and they are fulfilling their path.

If Did her father influence Lily Collins’ career? The actress said no. In one of the interviews she stated that she wanted to create her own career on her own, instead of climbing thanks to her father’s surname.

“There was no way people would think I was getting a free pass with my last name. (…) I’m proud of my dad, but I wanted to be me, not just his daughter. I love singing. But because I wanted to go my own way way, away from my father’s genius – I preferred to be an actress,” she said in an interview for Vogue France two years ago.

The latest series in which Lily Collins plays the main role from 2022 is not the only high-profile title in which she appeared. After a successful performance in “Big Mike”, in 2012 she played the title character in “Snow White”. She then appeared alongside Julia Roberts, who played the Evil Queen. Viewers and reviewers were delighted with this beautiful and colorful film.

A year later, she played another leading rolethis time in the film adaptation of a novel for young people titled “The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones”. Although the production was not as successful as the previous films in which she appeared, this did not discourage her in any way.

In 2017, she appeared in a film that caused considerable controversy and was accused of promoting eating disorders. Lily Collins played a girl suffering from anorexia in the drama “To the Bone”. After the film’s premiere, she wrote on her Instagram that she accepted this role because she wanted to talk about a disease that still takes a deadly toll. She also noted that she wanted to the film inspired people to dare to reach out for help.

It is not yet known when the 4th season of “Emily in Paris” will premiere, but the actress will probably appear in the horror film “MaXXXine”, which is the last part of the trilogy directed by Ti West, this year. Little is known about the film’s plot yet.