Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“Necessary things”: A Polish woman from Hollywood in Polish film. The cast includes two great national stars

“Necessary things” it’s a new movie Kamila Taraburaco-director and co-writer of the great Netflix series “Absolute debutants”.

“Necessary Things” is the story of women who set out on a journey to the town where they grew up to confront their past; close unresolved matters that cast a shadow over their lives – informs the portal.

The main roles in the film were played by: Dagmara Domińczyk (“The Count of Monte Cristo”, “The Daughter”, “At the Bottom”, “Succession”) – a Polish actress who has been working in Hollywood for years and who can now be seen in cinemas in the film “Priscilla” and Katarzyna Warnke (“Botoks”, “Klara”, “Absolute debutants”) i Małgorzata Hajewska-Krzysztofik (“Woman with…”, “Śubuk”, “Feedback”).

“Kamila and I produced the series “Absolutni debutancies”, full of youthful energy, well received by critics and viewers. Now we are making, in cooperation with the German partner RIVA Film, her first full-length film. (…) “Rzeczy necessities” is a successful attempt middle cinema” – Andrzej Muszyński, president of ATM Grupa, told

The authors of the script are Kamila Tarabura and Katarzyna Warnke. Filming has already ended and post-production is underway.

Agnieszka Holland was the artistic supervisor of the film “Rzeczy Necessary”.

The cinema premiere is planned for autumn 2024.