Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Natasza Urbańska in “The Voice Kids”. “Very annoying”

Cleo, Baron and Tomson and a new addition to the talent show – Natasza Urbańska – they started looking for the most talented children aged 8-14.

Natasza made her debut as a coach, replacing Dawid Kwiatkowski. “A few weeks ago I received an offer to take part in the next edition and in a confident voice I told my manager that I don’t want to do it anymore, that it’s enough. My heart says ‘Well done Dawid, your mission in this program has ended’, and I listen to my heart like a grandmother” – wrote the singer, informing about his decision.

As you could hear in the program, the other coaches believe that the new coach found herself in the show very well. It is also hard not to notice that she quickly stole the hearts of the audience and participants.

When news of the changes emerged, viewers were skeptical, writing that “it probably won’t be the same without Dawid.” Despite this, the opinions about the new trainer after the first episode are positive. “Natasza is doing great, she was really positively surprised”, “Natasza, you are great, great energy and great fun for the children. The right person in the right place” – they wrote.

Internet users also congratulated her on the participants who decided to join her team. It aroused the most emotions and admiration Michell Siwakwho performed the song Beyonce “1+1” she turned all the seats around and made Natasza Urbańska cry.

The second part of the commentators was not so positive towards the singer. “Natasza only wants to show herself. (…) She clowns, clowns and it’s terribly irritating. You can joke, but why all these splits and dances?” “Natasza tries her best, she’s smiling, but somehow she dances too much. Dawid ‘did ‘a different atmosphere, he was very warm, cordial, funny and substantive’ – they said, accusing the new trainer of wanting to show mainly herself in the program.