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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“Na Wspólnej”: Episode 3789. Renata is fed up with Sławek’s behavior

Martyna invites Damian to the theater. They pretend to be “Monika” to such an extent that students in the office mistake them for sisters. Cieślikowa is furious – there is a sharp tension between the women. Szulc’s sister doesn’t care much about it and after leaving the theater, she kisses the surprised Cieślik. And he kisses me back.

Igor and Dagmara present the evidence of the journalistic investigation to the editors. Smolny and Kwiatkowski are convinced that making the topic public will help find witnesses to the incident. Ada has an emotional conversation with the girl’s mother, who is in a coma after the accident. Only President Gwiazda thinks that the topic is a dud and is trying to block it.

Sławek thinks he is in better shape. He offers to Renata to take his daughter for a walk. On the playground, irritated by screaming children, Sławek explodes – he starts shouting at them. Seeing her crying daughter, Renata can’t stand it – she tells her husband to start treatment.

3789th episode “On Wspólna” will be broadcast on Wednesday, March 20 at 8:15 p.m. on TVN.