Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

My Dying Bride: Watch the music video for the new single “The 2nd Of Three Bells”

We are talking about “A Mortal Binding”, the first longplay in four years by the living legend of British death / doom metal, which is scheduled for release on April 19.

Let us remind you that the 15th album of the current clients of the German Nuclear Blast Records was produced (including mixing and mastering) by a local specialist Mark Mynettwho also supervised the sound of “The Ghost Of Orion”, the previous album My Dying Bride from 2020.

The recordings took place at Mynetaur Productions in Manchester. The cover of “A Mortal Binding” was designed by Bunker Artworksi.e. an Italian artist Robert Bordin.

“The 2nd Of Three Bells” is, after “Thornwyck Hymn” released in February, the second single from the new album My Dying Bride. The music video accompanying the new single – again directed by Daniel Gray – can be seen below: