Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Musician Papa Dance is paralyzed after a stroke. Paweł Stasiak appeals for help

Polish Music Foundation in mid-February, she reminded about support for musicians in need, for whom 1.5 percent of the tax can be donated when settling personal income tax.

The people PFM helps include: Tadeusz Łyskawamusician Papa Dance. He appealed for support from his friend Paweł Stasiak.

“Very important message from Tadeusz Łyskawa: I will be grateful for any form of support. In January 2023 I had a massive stroke. I have right-sided limb paresis and profound aphasia (I don’t speak). I am not independent. I have been struggling for a year to improve my fitness, which involves expensive rehabilitation and speech therapy. I would like to talk to my son in the future and thank you for your support,” the singer said and asked fans to donate.

In an interview with “Fakt” Paweł Stasiak revealed a little more details about the sick musician.

“I provided information from Tadeusz on my website and I don’t know any additional details about what it all looked like,” he told “Fakt” Stasiak.

Stasiak admitted that the musician had not gone to concerts with the band since 2007, and contact with him was sporadic. “From 2005, Tadek only appeared in our music videos related to the album ‘1000,000 Fans Couldn’t Be Wrong’, but a new drummer played with us at our concerts. Tadeusz was already a bit sick then,” he explained.

“Tadeusz is still undergoing rehabilitation and needs help, because everything is very expensive and we want to help him in some way. That’s why Polish Music Foundation somehow got involved because we didn’t want to do it privately, we just wanted there to be a foundation that could collect money,” he added.

Tadeusz Łyskawa comes from Gorzów Wielkopolski. He is a Polish drummer and vocalist. He was the first member of Papa Dance, and after the group’s disbandment he was a co-founder Ex-Dance.

In the 1990s, he went to the USA, where, together with Mariusz Zabrodzki, he played for Polonia. In 2001 Mariusz Zabrodzki, Paweł Stasiak, Waldemar Kuleczka, Jacek Szewczyk and Andrzej Zieliński, and two musicians accompanying Dariusz Piskorz and Marcin Tywoniuk they reactivated the band (Sławomir Wesołowski was against the musicians using the name Papa Dance).

He recorded four albums with the group, and left in 2007 together with Zabrodzki.