Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Mojo Nixon is dead. He died shortly after the concert on the ship

MojoNixon (check!) he was found dead in his room on the ship, shortly after performing at the event Outlaw Country Cruisewhich took place off the coast of San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The cause of the musician’s death was supposed to be a heart attack.

“You should die as you lived. Mojo Nixon he was alive at full capacity, he was open, hard as a rock (…). It was death after an amazing concert, a crazy night and closing the bar, and then breakfast with friends,” we read in a statement from the family, which was published on the musician’s profile.

“A heart attack on the Outlaw Country Cruise is… this is how he should die. Mojo has left the building,” the statement said, referring to the famous “Elvis left the building”.

Mojo Nixon, actually Neil Kirby MacMillan Jr., was born in 1957. He grew up in Virginia and began his musical adventure in Denver, when he joined a punk band Zebra 123.

After leaving the group, he performed, among others, With The Snuggle Bunnies. Together with one of the team members – Skid Roper – recorded the debut album “Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper” (1985). Then two years later they recorded an album “Bo-Day-Shus!!!”, where their greatest hit was found “Elvis Is Everywhere”.

The song brought Nixon great fame. He and Roper appeared on television, and the project released three albums in total.

Mojo also recorded solo and collaborated with, among others, With Toadliquors and Jello Biafra. In 1989, Nixon became interested in acting. He starred in the film about Jerry Lee Lewis “Great Balls of Fire”, where he played the role of a drummer James Van Eaton.

The musician played several smaller roles (including an episode in the film “Super Mario Brothers”). He also hosted radio shows on local stations in Cincinnati, Ohio and San Diego. He also got a show on the station SiriusXM.

In 2022, Mojo Nixon released a documentary about himself titled: “The Mojo Manifesto. The Life And Times of Mojo Nixon”.