Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“Millionaires”: He was supposed to finish the lyrics of the Polish hit “Question for Half a Million”. Did the risk pay off?

“Millionaires” is a show broadcast on TVN and hosted by Hubert Urbański. The program has become a cult on Polish television, and each subsequent edition attracts crowds of people willing to play for a million and many TV viewers.

Although some questions are difficult and others quite problematic because they are ambiguous, sometimes the most difficult type of questions arise – those related to music!

He entered the game for the main prize Jarosław Kowalczyk from Wleń in Lower Silesia. A mathematician, programmer, political scientist, polyglot and traveler dealt with subsequent questions efficiently. When playing for 10,000 PLN asked for the first lifebuoy – half and half.

Finally, the participant reached the question for half a million zlotys, which was as follows:

Finish the fragment of Jonasz Kofta’s song: “I would sail somewhere on an elegant pond. Blues minus, I feel sad. I guess…”

A) water makes me feel bad”
B) I won’t digest liquids without power”
C) I’ll have another beer”
D) I will appear like a ghost in this depth.

Mr. Jarosław admitted that he did not know the hit “Blues minus” and reached for another lifeline – a question for the audience. Those gathered in the studio did not give a clear clue – most votes were given to answers A and D. Then the participant asked for the last help – a phone call to a friend. It turned out that Mr. Mikołaj, who had once taken part in “Millionaires”, was waiting on the phone, but he also did not know the song by Jonasz Kofta.

Jarosław Kowalczyk decided to risk a lot by choosing answer B. The correct answer, however, is C – “I’ll have one more beer.”

Thus, the participant finished the game with a guaranteed sum of PLN 40,000. zloty.

Check out the entire lyrics of the song “Blues minus” on Tekś!

Let us recall that Jonasz Kofta died on April 19, 1988 he was one of the greatest poets of Polish songs, mentioned next Agnieszka Osiecka, Jeremi Przybora, Wojciech Młynarski. Many of his poems became hits, such as “Her Portrait”, “Remember the Gardens”, “One Night Flower”, “Buba”, “Holidays with a Blonde”, “Buses Crying with Rain” and “Samba Before Parting”.

He was only 46 years old – the cause of his premature death was choking during a meal.