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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“Mary & George”: Historical drama with the excellent Julianne Moore. They are not afraid of bold scenes

“Mary & George” is a series that will at least cause outrage among some viewers. The adaptation of Benjamin Woolley’s novel “The King’s Assassin”, inspired by the true story of Mary Villiers, is full of bold and daring scenes. After all, it is a story of mother and son, who will stop at nothing to gain power – including getting into the king’s favor.

Mary Villiers (Julianne Moore) hasn’t had it easy in life. A woman from a poor family had to cope in a world ruled by men. She has always fought for her position, and that is her ambition reached really high, it finally reached the royal court.

Serial Mary to achieve as much power as possible he patiently plots, plots and weaves a plot into which he involves his entire family – most notably his second son, George (Nicholas Galitzine). He is the one who is supposed to fascinate King James I of England (Tony Curran), buy into his favor, become his lover and get rid of everyone who could interfere with Mary’s plans. Over time, changes on the board and various alliances, both mother and son will get in each other’s way. After all, every family has its own problems and they are best dealt with in photos.

Although bold scenes can get boring quite quickly, “Mary & George” has much more to offer. It’s a historical drama made with attention to detail, an interesting intrigue, but above all, a field for Julianne Moore to show off, who plots, plots, plots and has great fun while doing it.

Watching him play his opponents with greater or lesser difficulty until he loses everything. Terrifying ambition, enormous intellect and most of the time zero sentimentality are words that can describe her. It’s a great role for Moore, who is also a producer on the series.

Nicolas Galitzine (George) is an actor, which has been quite loud lately. He appears in extremely popular streaming productions (“Purple Hearts”, “Red, White & Royal Blue” and the series “Chambers”) and proves that he can play anything. His George is a naive character at first, but quickly begins to cope at the royal court, trying to win the hearts of the king’s closest circle.

“Mary & George” is an interesting proposition for fans of historical series – mainly due to the excellent plot and Moore’s role. Because once you carry out the intrigue, it’s (almost) masterful.

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