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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“Malanowski: New Deal”: A modern version of the hit! Andrzej Grabowski takes over the legacy of Bronisław Cieślak

“Malanowski. A New Deal” – this is the title of a famous series about Detective Malanowski. The series in a modern version will be a resumption of production after the death of Bronisław Cieślak, who played the main role.

Andrzej Malanowski will take over the actor’s legacy (played by Andrzej Grabowski) – brother of Bronisław Malanowski. Andrzej becomes the owner of a detective agency and begins to officially run it.

The crime series “Malanowski. New Deal” is a story about a group of detectives dealing with mysterious cases in their daily work, which are full of unexpected plot twists and unclear circumstances, and the truth is hidden somewhere under the guise of seemingly obvious facts. Although some stories seem trivial, they hide tragic and complex human dramas.

In solving the puzzles, Andrzej Malanowski will be accompanied by two duos of detectives. In these roles we will see Anna Lucińska and Wacław Warchoł, as well as Marek Krupski and Magdalena Półrzyńska. The series directed by Szymon Jakubowski and Łukasz Łukasik was shot, among others, in Spain. The producer is Constantin Entertainment Polska.

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