Madonna Louise Ciccone With New Partner Andrea Denver

Madonna Louise Ciccone is adamant about getting what she wants!

The model, 33 years her junior, is the pop star’s latest love interest, and it appears he’s willing to go along with the rumours.

Andrea Denver is the model in question, and Madonna Louise Ciccone accurately defined his physique when she posted his photo on Instagram over the weekend.

After sharing a hot photo of male model Andrea Denver on Instagram, it appears as though Madonna Louise Ciccone,58, may have secured herself a date. The “Material Girl” singer used social media to express her sentiments, writing: “Rebel 8-pack! Heck to the Yeah! “with many emojis in the heart shape. The 33-year-old model, touched by her remarks, called her an “icon” and said, “I would go on a date with her,” before adding to TMZ.

Although Madge, who is well-known for dating younger guys, is demonstrating to her followers that she is completely over this guy, calling her to move desperately.

His response after seeing the IG was, “I’d certainly go on a date with her,” according to individuals close to Andrea Denver. Following Drake’s lead, Andrea Denver also praised the 56-year-old, calling him “very handsome” and noting that he has always been a fan.

Wow, Madonna Louise Ciccone seems to have found a new partner!

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