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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“M like love”: Episode 1789. The jealous husband will finally learn the truth. What will he do?

– I thought for a long time whether to write this letter. When I was in the Habitat, I didn’t have the courage to tell you how I really felt about you. But now that you are far away and maybe we will never see each other again… – this is how the father of little Nadia (Mira Fareniuk), whom he left in Grabina under the care of the Budzyński family, begins his intimate correspondence.

– I know I have no chance anyway, but I have to try… I didn’t want it to happen, I swear, but I love Cca, Magda. I… fell madly in love with you – confesses a Ukrainian doctor.

– I know I have no right that you are happy with Andrzej, but I can’t stop loving you. I can’t do it, says Dima.

Surprisingly, the Ukrainian’s letter to Magda will first fall into Andrzej’s hands and the lawyer will be the first to learn its contents.

– When I read this letter, for a moment I was ready to kill Dima – Budzyński told his wife, whom he asked for a serious conversation.

– I would like to pretend that this letter never existed – sighs Magda.

– I’m furious with Dima because this complicates everything even more! As if it hadn’t been difficult enough so far, Budzyńska added.

– And I even understand him… He had to try. In his place, I would probably do the same (…) The very thought that someone could take you away from me, that I could lose you – will be heard from the lips of a jealous husband.

– Shhh… – Magda will ask, and Andrzej will hug her tightly and kiss her tenderly.

Will Magda respond to Dima’s declaration of love, and if so, what?

We reveal that the 1789th episode “M jak miłość will be broadcast on Tuesday, March 12 at 20.55 on TVP2.