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“M jak miłość”: Who could replace Teresa Lipowska? The actress has her own type

According to Lipowska, her character's place could be taken by her series granddaughters and namesakes, played by Karina Woźniak and Gabriela Raczyńska.

“I'm glad that my Barbara has a successor, because I have two granddaughters, Basie. I get along very well with them. Maybe because we have the same name,” said the actress.

Of course, a possible replacement of her character is not currently being considered. The actress has repeatedly assured that she has no plans to retire.

Rumors of departure Teresa Lipowska With “M like love” they appear from time to time. In June 2023, in the “Question for Breakfast” program, the actress commented on the speculations, saying that she was not considering retirement, mainly for financial reasons. “If I only had a pension, I would be poor. However, I am a constantly working actress,” she said then.

Similar confessions were made a few years ago in an interview with Plejada: “I have a pension of PLN 2,200. I think it is an average pension, because there are worse ones. It is only from the salary, i.e. from the theater portion, and not from any extras, films or concerts. When I retired and they talked me into retiring earlier because I would be able to earn extra money with performances, and I agreed to it at the age of 55, the wallet was very thin then,” she said.

Teresa Lipowska is one of the most appreciated Polish actresses. He has been on stage for almost 70 years and, as he admits in interviews, he has no intention of giving up work. The younger generation immediately connects her with the character of Barbara: the senior of the Mostowiak family in the series “M jak miłość”, and the older ones with productions such as: “Rzeczpospolita Babska”, “Nights and Days” and many others. For her contributions to culture, she was awarded the Knight's Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta in 1984. In 2017, she also received the “Platinum Telekamera”.

The actress is a living legend in the acting community. Even though she is 86 years old, she is still professionally active.