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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“M jak miłość”: Episode 1796. Things will get hotter between Aneta and Olek.

In the 1796 episode “M like love” Aneta's patience with Olek will run out and the conflict will intensify. She will still be jealous of Chodakowski's position in the hospital and his flirtations, but the situation will change when Wojtek appears at the hospital. And if that wasn't enough, the couple will receive news of an accident that will change everything.

The intern Edyta will still be very close to Olek, which Aneta didn't like, but when a new pediatric orthopedist appears at the hospital, Chodakowski will start to worry about her relationship. As he quickly learns, the new doctor is Aneta's old friend with whom they will get along well.

The situation will escalate when Olek sees how Aneta warmly greets Wojtek, and it will get even worse when it turns out that his wife has invited the new doctor for dinner, and when it turns out that Wojtek was once in love with a woman.

Olek will demand an explanation from Aneta, attacking her for not asking his opinion about the dinner, and the woman will not be indebted to him, accusing her of unclear relations with the interns.

“- Don't be so jealous again,” Olek laughs.

– I'm not jealous, just furious! I married a nice, normal guy, and at home I have a narcissist who is in love with me!

But there won't be dinner! Why? Wojtek will have an accident! Even in this situation, Chodakowski will not be able to refrain from making malicious comments, which will enrage Aneta even more.

We will be able to see episode 1796 April 9 at 8:55 p.m on TVP2.