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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“M jak miłość”: Episode 1787. Crisis in the relationship between Iwona and Argasiński

In the new episode “M like love“a crisis will break out in the relationship between Iwona and Argasiński again, because Aneta’s mother will suddenly withdraw from her promise to move in with her “fiance”.

– I’ve had three marriages, a couple of serious relationships… And everything went wrong when we started living together. (…) Maybe it’s my fault? Maybe I’m not suited to live with someone under the same roof? And you are too important to me to decide on another experiment of this type…

– I take it you’ve already made your decision?

– Please, let’s not argue…

– I do not want to argue. I’m really patient… I’m trying to accept the fact that you won’t marry me and that you only accepted the ring out of kindness…

– I accepted it because I care about you…

– Of course… And that’s why you don’t want to live with me!(…) Iwona… What you’re doing is a simple escape! Admit it to yourself… You’re just afraid to commit!

– And you… you’re a despot! And that’s it!

The lovers’ conflict will be so intense that the senior – desperate – will finally ask Aneta for help in solving it.

– I believe in you, daughter… In your power of breakthrough and… power of persuasion!

The professor will turn to Olek…

– I know I shouldn’t involve Aneta and you in our private matters, but I’m already losing my mind… How can I convince this woman that I want to spend the rest of my life with her and not see each other on dates like some… teenager? !

How will young people cope with such a challenge?

We reveal that the 1787th episode of “M jak miłość” will be broadcast on Tuesday, March 5 at 20.55 on TVP2.

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