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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“M jak miłość”: Episode 1786. Will he become the Rogowskis’ new partner?

I heard that you’re having trouble finding an investor… – Ewa will ask maliciously when she runs into the clinic to collect her last things.

– Did you really think it would be so easy to replace me? – the former partner of the Rogowskis added cynically.

– It would be… if someone didn’t deliberately make it difficult for us – Maria will reply stoically.

– You and your conspiracy theories of history… But, my dear, I have already started a completely new chapter in my life! I barely remember you at all – Kalinowska shakes her head, amused.

– I would like to say – and both… – Rogowska sighs sarcastically.

A few hours later, the Rogowskis will visit Marta for dinner at her home.

– I take it we can start celebrating? – Jacek, who was present at the meeting, will ask.

– (…) But we have nothing to celebrate today… – sighs Maria.

– The investor resigned. Again at the last minute and without giving any rational reasons… – Artur will explain.

– Bad luck, bad luck… – Wojciechowska-Budzyńska sighs.

– Marysia and I have been thinking about this recently and in our opinion, it involves false information that someone is giving to our investors – says Rogowski, clearly irritated.

– Someone? But don’t worry, the facts will speak for themselves and you will soon find the right person… – Marta will try to console them.

Suddenly Jacek comes up with a surprising proposition:

– I would like to buy shares in your clinic – he says suddenly.

– Potentially, of course, after reviewing the documents and business structure… I had already considered it, but you were making arrangements with someone else… – the lawyer will add.

Confused, Maria won’t know what to answer. Artur will calmly look at Jacek.

– Thanks for this offer. We’ll think about it and let you know soon, okay? – he says courteously.

– Sure, of course – he will hear in response.

– Did you know about it? – Rogowska will ask her sister what she thinks about Milecki’s offer.

– I’m as surprised as you are… – says Marta.

– Such an arrangement would bind Jacek to our family… Would you mind that?

– Jacek has changed a lot. He is responsible, he makes serious investments… – says Marta.

– But you should treat him like any other investor. X-ray, check… – the lawyer will add after reflection.

– You’re right. Thanks, you’re lovely… – Rogowska nods.

We reveal that the 1786th episode of “M jak miłość” will be broadcast on Monday, March 4, at 8:55 p.m. on TVP2.