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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“M jak miłość”: Episode 1784. Is this the end of Olek’s medical career?

In the new episode “M like love” Kama will be brutally kidnapped! Rafalski’s bandits will attack the dancer in broad daylight, in the middle of the street – and “ask” her to talk to Marcin on their behalf.

– Tell your guy that if he doesn’t get the fuck away from us, this show will end completely differently next time! And when his beloved – terrified – returns home in the finale, Chodakowski decides that it’s time to deal with the “problem” on his own.

– Now this is my personal matter and I will handle it myself, in my own way!

However, the couple’s problems will not end there, because Robert (played by Kamil Drężek) – Rafalski’s boss – will raise the stakes and… include Ania in the “game”! The bandit meets the girl during a “chance” meeting in the park. And he will easily gain her trust – so much so that Kama’s sister will even give him her phone number.

What price will Ania pay for her naivety… and Marcin for his stubbornness in the fight against the mafia?

Difficult times await Kasia and Justyna, who will take part in Stawska’s funeral… Later, the sisters will visit a notary who will give them a letter written by their aunt – and they will discover that the senior has entrusted them with a delicate “mission”.

In the letter, Stawska will confess that she has loved only one man in her life: Jan. And she will ask Kasia and Justyna to find her chosen one… How will both of them cope with such a challenge?

And in the finale: another storm for Aneta and Olek! Chodakowski will be visited again in the clinic by Monika – a patient who is persistently looking for an opportunity to flirt. However, the rival is cleverly intercepted by Aneta… and she advises the “sick” woman to see a psychologist. And Monika – out of revenge – will finally accuse Olek of molestation!

– “During the examination of the ankle joint, his hands went much higher than they should have… The doctor has a serious problem with self-control!”

How will this affect a doctor’s career?

We reveal that the 1784th episode of “M jak miłość” will be broadcast on Monday, February 26 at 8:55 p.m. on TVP2.

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