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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“M jak miłość”: A new opening was shot. Who will we see in it?

As we know, the opening credits are an important part of the series and an announcement of who we can expect to see most often on the screen.

It took the creators 4 days to record it, and viewers are in for a few surprises. One of them is the return to the spot of the character of Kamil Gryc, played by Marcin Bosak. In the lead we will also see heroes such as Adam Werner (Jacek Kopczyński), Sylwia Kostecka (Hanna Turnau) or Anita Laskowska (Melania Grzesiewicz).

Unfortunately, not all actors found a place in it. However, this should not be a surprise, since it usually lasts about a minute and there are over 30 actors working on the set.

We already know that we will definitely not see Adriana Kalska in itwho plays Iza, the ex-wife of detective Marcin (Mikołaj Roznerski). What’s more, we will see… two other women alongside the man in the spot! Adriana’s place was taken by Michalina Sosna and Magdalena Turczeniaewicz.

This topic was raised in the comments under one of Kalska’s photos. To the message expressing regret about the actress’ omission from the lead, the woman replied with one word – “Life”.

New episodes of the series “M jak miłość” beloved by Poles will be broadcast in the fall!