Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Leonardo DiCaprio in Paul Thomas Anderson’s new film. The most mysterious project of the year

Production of the film, which is being produced for Warner Bros., began in January in California. You could see it in the first photos from the set Leonardo DiCaprio in a surprising make-up – with a mustache and in a casual outfit.

Details of the project, including the title, are kept secret. All we know is that its budget will be around $100 million – quite a considerable amount for an artist whose last film cost $40 million. “Licorice Pizza”, turned out to be a box office failure. On the other hand, the production received three Oscar nominations, including the most important one – for best picture, and also for Paul Thomas Anderson for directing and original script.

Some time ago, information appeared that the film would be based on the book “Vineland” by Tomas Pynchon. “Frenesi Gates, who went from hippie to FBI informant, decides to escape from her former life. Her ex-husband, Zoyd Wheeler, is preparing to jump out of a window every year to keep his social benefits as a mentally ill person, while detective Hector Zuniga is once again trying to turn him into an informer, and the psychopathic prosecutor Brock Vond wants to use Zoyda’s daughter to get his ex-wife. DL, a master of Japanese martial arts, must atone for treating the wrong man with the “touch of death” – the Polish publisher describes the plot of the novel.

Journalist Mark S. Allen argued in one of his recent articles that Anderson’s film should take place in 1984. Since this is when the events in “Vineland” take place, there is a good chance that this book is the basis for the director’s latest project.

Let us remind you that it would not be the first time that Anderson adapted a novel by an American writer to the screen – in 2014 he made “The Hidden Vice” based on Pynchon’s detective novel. According to Allen, the director’s new film will be released in 2025.

In addition to DiCaprio, Anderson’s latest production also stars: Sean Penn, Regina Hall and Alan Haim. The latter played one of the main roles in the above-mentioned production of “Licorice Pizza”. Its action took place in the 1970s in the San Fernando Valley. Philip Seymour Hoffman’s son – Cooper Hoffman – played Gary Valentine, a high school student who was successful in the film industry as a child. The plot revolved around Gary’s acquaintance with a certain Alana Kane (Haim).