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“Legacy” episodes 243-248. Seher is in danger

Turkish series “Legacy” focuses on the fate of a wealthy businessman and a woman who leads a modest, simple life. Yaman, because that is the name of the man, and Seher, the main character, they have their nephew Yusuf under their care. The boy lost his parents in tragic circumstances. The boy’s fate connected Yaman and Seher. However, not everyone likes the feelings that arose between the characters, that’s why Seher has to deal with many attacks.

IN previous episodes of the series “Legacy” Among other things, viewers witnessed how furious Iqbal w anger pushes Seher, who falls down the stairs. In episode 243, we learn, among other things, that İkbal is sure that Ziya will not betray her and he can finally breathe a sigh of relief. In turn, Yaman is preparing to go on a trip together because he is sure that Seher will recover soon. Meanwhile Seher is still trying to guess what surprise her husband is preparing for her.

The summary of the 243rd episode of “Legacy” is also a focus Zuhal, who unsuccessfully tries to get Aisha to her side. İbrahim gains more and more recognition from Aunt Sultan. Frat, on the other hand, can’t understand why he suddenly breaks everything he touches. He decides to find out what’s really going on. The summary of “Legacy” will also bring a presentation to household members recordings from a hidden camera, and İb’s treacherous actions come to light. The Sultan decides to punish him. İkbal doesn’t like that Seher is recovering so quickly and decides to find a way to change it.

What will happen in episode 244 of “Legacy”? In the next installment, Neslihan, although still offended at Frat, comes to help Sultan with housework. In Sultan’s absence, Neslihan and Frat accidentally lock themselves in a room, which becomes a pretext for another argument. The summary of “Legacy” tells the question of what about İkbal, who offers Belgin money in exchange for giving Seher a drug that will make her stop walking.

When the woman refuses, İkbal states that he knows that in the past Belgin has already done something like this and threatens to reveal her secret. Initially, Belgin intends to confess everything to Yaman, but he does not have the courage. In the 244th episode of “Heritage” we will also find out that as part of the punishment Sultan prepares a long list of housework for İbrahim. However, at the end, Seher finds out that Yaman’s surprise is a joint trip abroad.

IN new episodes of “Heritage” we witness how, thanks to the conversation with Cenger, Neslihan begins to understand that she is also guilty and must meet with Frat. After talking to Ibrahim, he also wants to end the conflict with his friend. Neslihan visits Frat. After a sincere conversation, they forgive each other and decide to cultivate their friendship. To Melahat’s surprise, Zuhal she gains the support of her fellow inmates and now it’s her becomes cell leader.

The summary of the 245th episode of “Heritage” also announces fear of flight Seher, who has nightmares. Yaman tries to calm down his beloved. In turn, Ibrahim cannot cope with his household duties and becomes the subject of ridicule by the Sultan and the household. He decides to prove to them that he can run a house. Before leaving for the airport Belgin gives Seher the last injection. The girl loses the use of her legs, which makes her terrified. In the 245th episode of “Heritage” Iqbal pays Belgin to completely paralyze Seher.

The new episode of “Heritage” focuses on, among other things, Zuhal, who takes every opportunity to humiliate Melahat. That’s why the mustachioed woman swears revenge. Even though he tries very hard, Ibrahim proves once again that he is not fit to be a housekeeper. In episode 246 of “Heritage” we also learn that Seher is terrified of her condition.

Seher is afraid that she won’t be able to walk. However, Yaman surrounds her with care and attention, not allowing the girl to break down. The 246th episode of “Heritage” is also a confabulation Bora. The man continues Neslihan liesclaiming that he was on a business trip to France. The woman believes every word he says.

The new episode of “Legacy” starts with this Seher is devastated by the news that she may be paralyzed forever. Yaman tries to keep her spirits up. Much to İkbal’s dismay, even this situation brings the couple closer together. Yaman is very committed to Yusuf’s careeven shows off his culinary talents.

What will happen in the 247th episode of the series “Legacy”? Kirpi suggests İbrahim to seek help from specialists in household chores. The man hired a cleaning company and ordered food from a restaurant. Sultan is amazed by İbrahim’s achievements. As the new cell elder, Zuhal treats her fellow inmates terribly. In the 247th episode of “Heritage” Melahat endures humiliation patiently and just waits for the women to rebel.

When to watch the episode 243-247 of the series “Heritage”? The first episode of the Turkish drama production can be seen here Monday, March 25. The 243rd episode of “Heritage” will start at 16/05 The next episodes will be broadcast until Friday, March 29. The beginning of each of them is time. 16/05. Where to watch the series “Legacy”? These can be seen on air TVP1.

Viewers who won’t be able to sit in front of the TV during the premiere can follow along “Legacy” reruns on the TVP VOD streaming service or on TVP1 at 04.55 the day after the episode premiere. More news about TV series and stars, exclusive interviews and behind the scenes of the hottest premieres can be found on our website Facebook World of Series.