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“Legacy” episode 228-232 – summary. The end of Iqbal’s kidnapping

“Heritage” is a Turkish series that also breaks viewing records in Poland. It is broadcast on the TVP1 channel. It is the love story of Yaman and Sahar, who are united by their shared care for the son of Sahar’s deceased sister. Unfortunately, their story is entered by sisters – Zuhal and Ikbal, who do not want to allow the marriage and keep entangling the fate of their loved ones.

Iqbal is in mortal danger. Zuhal regrets his decision more and more. After receiving the ransom, the kidnappers are ordered by Melahat to get rid of the woman and Yaman along with her. Zuhal tries to warn the man, so he sends him a mysterious message from a phone borrowed from a fellow prisoner.

In the meantime, unaware of anything Iqbal confesses to his crimes, which is recorded on tape. Bora continues to try to seduce Neslihan, although she avoids his company. Ali beats up a man at the police station who was abusing his wife. Unfortunately for him the commander is a witness to the event.

Firat receives a list of likely locations, where they can keep Iqbal. He decides to check them with Yaman. After receiving a mysterious message, Yaman and Firat decide to split up to have a better chance to save Iqbal.

In episode 229 of “Heritage” many dramatic events take place. After the incident at the police station, Ali is suspended from his dutiesbut after the loss of his beloved, a man doesn’t care much about it.

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Ikbal is taken by her captors to a cliff, where she is to be killed. At the last moment, she is saved by Yaman, who fires a gun given to her by Seher. Iqbal and Yaman return home where Seher and Ziya are waiting for them. Iqbal feels humiliated when Seher shows her excessive warmth.

Frat finds Bora’s car intact and suspects the man lied to Neslihan about the accident. Bora carries out his plan and proposes to Neslihan.

Did Neslihan accept Bora’s proposal? Viewers will find out in episode 230 of “Heritage”. The summary begins with the most important information, which is Neslihan accepting the ring. However, at the request of her fiancé, the girl hides the ring from her aunt.

His colleagues at the police station and Ali’s relatives try to comfort him and restore his will to live. Iqbal, on the other hand, cannot recover from his kidnapping.

Melahat is furious about the failed action and takes it out on Zuhal. He tells her that he will kill the person who revealed her sister’s location.

What will happen in episode 231 of “Legacy”? The summary will reveal many interesting threads and dispel your doubts. Zuhal obtains the video of Iqbal’s kidnapping and sends it to his sister. At the same time, he adds a blackmail message. If Iqbal doesn’t release her, the recording will go to Yaman. The woman guesses that her sister was behind the kidnapping.

Ali, moved by the recording of Kiraz that his aunt planted, decides to start all over again and recover from the loss of his wife.

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Yaman asks Seher to try to start again. Thanks to this, their marriage has a chance to become real. After talking to Nadire, Seher decides to agree to her husband’s proposal.

Ali decides to come back to life, but not in the ranks of the police. Frat, Ibrahim and Czarna try to convince him to return to service, but only a conversation with the commandant makes Ali decide to stay. Iqbal promises his sister, that he would help her get out of prison.

Yamen, wanting to regain his wife’s love, seeks help from Cenger. He shows him the love story of Yamen’s parents. Inspired by her, the man decides to write a letter to his beloved.

The series “Dziedzictwo” is broadcast on TVP 1 every day from Monday to Friday at 16:05. You can watch episodes 228-232, the summary of which is above from March 4 to 8 at 4:05 p.m. on TVP 1.

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