Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Lea Seydoux: The star of Bond and “Dune 2” doesn’t want to be afraid of no longer being desired

French actress Lea Seydouxstar of James Bond films “Spectre” and “No time to die” and Lady Margot Fenring in the film “Dune: Part Two”, is making a successful career in Hollywood. In a recent interview, she admitted that it is easier for women in this profession in Europe than overseas. Where does this opinion come from?

“The industry in America… I think it’s hard for women. It’s hard for mature women there. I don’t want to be afraid of becoming undesirable and losing my contract. In America, it’s all about economics. When it comes to making money, you lose my freedom. I don’t feel comfortable with having to fit into all the requirements. Being an actress in Europe is easier,” Lea Seydoux shares her reflections in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar magazine.

“My strength is that I am able to travel and adapt easily. I have more freedom because I am a European actress and that suits me. I am not trying to be popular. In America you have to adapt. And I don’t want to adapt to the system. I would like the system to adapt to me,” says the star of two films about Agent 007.

Last year, Lea Seydoux appeared in the French film “The Beast”, which is partly a satire on the American film industry and its obsession with youth. She recently finished filming another production – the French film “A notre beau metier” (“For Our Beautiful Profession”), directed by Quentin Dupieux (“The Murder Tire”).

We can see her on Polish cinema screens in the second part of the film “Dune”.