Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Krzysztof Zalewski shaved himself bald. The music video “ZGŁOWY” announces the new album

New image Krzysztof Zalewski recently he was hiding under a hat – in this version we could recently see him during Juwenalia Krakoski. It was then that he announced from the stage that we could expect new songs soon.

Now a music video has appeared on the Internet “DEATH” (check!), which is the first and title single from the upcoming album. The successor to the hit “Play” (2020) is scheduled to appear in the fall.

An extremely personal rap manifesto opens a new musical chapter in the singer's career. While shooting the music video, Zalewski underwent a visual metamorphosis – he shaved his head himself.

“I simply had the need to write a completely personal and honest song, not hiding behind a metaphor. Rap ​​seems to be best suited for such procedures. 'Confession of a Child of the Age'? Or maybe I was just fed up with listening to more teenagers rapping about cars, banknotes and easy women? A counter for them from daddy. Anyway, he's already 'DEAD'. Check it out,” said Krzysztof Zalewski.

As the director explains Michał Sierakowskithe clip for the song “ZGŁOWY” was created as documentation of the change in Zalewski's image.

“Since he's shaving his head and starting a new phase, let's show it one-on-one in the music video. The lyrics of the song are an uncompromisingly rapped autobiography, hence the idea to record a simple, 'native' clip with a hand-held camera, on tape, in a housing estate with a fisheye – yes, so that the text is the center of attention – like in rap classics from years ago,” explains Sierakowski, who has created music videos for artists such as: Maryla Rodowicz i Mrozu (“Sing-Sing”), Kayah, Baranovski, Mery Spolsky, Wiktor Dyduła and Crucian/Rogucki.

Zalewski's album output ends with the concert release “MTV Unplugged” from 2021.