Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“Knox Goes Away”: Joanna Kulig alongside Michael Keaton

Main character “Knox Goes Away” will be played by Michael Keaton (“Birdman”) hitman John Knox, who is struggling with progressive dementia. One of his last tasks will be to try to save the life of his character James Mardsen (“Butler”) son. Will he be able to atone for his sins this way?

In the production, announced as a noir thriller, alongside Keaton and Mardsen, we will also see: Marcia Gay Harden (“Pollock”), Suzy Nakamura (“Modern Family”), Ray McKinnon (“Deadwood”), John Hoogenakker (“Dopesick”), Lela Loren (“Man from Toronto”), Al Pacino and a Polish actress Joanna Kulig.

Gregory Poirier (“Our Nanny is an Agent”) is responsible for the production script.

The American premiere of the film is scheduled for March 15. It is not yet known whether “Knox Goes Away” will be released in Polish cinemas.

Joanna Kulig was noticed in Hollywood when she appeared in a small role in Paweł Pawlikowski’s Oscar-winning film “Ida”. In the director’s next film “Cold War”, she played the main role. Natalie Portman herself praised the Polish actress.

“I met Joanna in person and during the conversation she told me that she is not only an actress, but also a singer. She has a wonderful voice. And her charisma! She is probably the first person who completely talked me out of it! You can’t take your eyes off this girl, she is a volcano of energy – she gesticulates all the time, changes positions, blinks intensely, laughs almost to the point of tears. Her face is so lively… I hope we will meet on the set someday,” said the Hollywood star.

In March, the Polish actress will be seen in cinemas in the film “Love Without Warning”, in which she partners with Peter Dinglake and Anne Hathaway.

The heroine played by Kulig – an immigrant from Poland who cleans the main character’s house – was inspired by a friend of the director, Rebecca Miller, who, for various reasons, emigrated to the United States with small children, without her then-husband. “I wanted to build this character in a multi-dimensional way. At the beginning, I was afraid that the approach to my heroine would be stereotypical. But when I read the script, I realized that it played with stereotypes very intelligently. Each character is on the way to freedom. Magdalena actually liberates herself. , but in fact, each character undergoes an unobvious transformation. This is very interesting in this story. I was glad that I got such a chance. I remember how surprised I was that Rebecca wanted to meet me,” Kulig admitted in an interview with PAP.

We can also watch the sleigh ride in the series “Lords of the Space” directed by the creator of the last Bond – Cary Fukunaga. “My role in ‘Masters of the Air’ is not a big one – I must emphasize this so that no one will be disappointed later with what they see. I wanted to meet on the set with Cary Fukunaga“, whom I value very much,” Kulig emphasized in an interview with PAP Life.

The Pole will also star alongside the French star Fanny Ardant in the psychological thriller “Island” – the debut of Italian-German director Nora Jaenike.