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Jacob Mendez

“Klan” after the holidays: He will thumb his nose at his rival for stealing the guy

When Waldek informs his other half that he invited Barbara home again, he will hear excuses.

– Do you really have to meet this Milecka in our house?

– This is a purely business meeting…

– Business meetings are held in offices or restaurants – says Dżesika logically.

– I would like to show her that she is welcome here…

– I still don't want to meet this person – says the clearly disgusted influencer.

– But I would prefer to have a good relationship with her. She offered me a very lucrative job. But I'm not the only furniture maker, so I have to try harder. Don't you think so?

– But do you have to try at home?

– Dżesika, if you want me to earn a lot of money, you can't tell me what to do and how to do it. I'm not interfering with your vlog – says Waldemar in a mentoring, slightly condescending tone. – That's why I'm asking you, let's not discuss this anymore. Milecka will come to us today. And I just ask you to be kind to her. Nothing more – he will add.

– I will try to disappear from your sight – the blogger promises.

– I'd rather you were here. Although at first. She made coffee and served some cake.

– APPROX. But then I'll go record my material.

Immediately after Barbara enters, Dżesika will say with forced politeness that she hopes you like the coffee and cake, and then say goodbye politely.

– Won't you be with us? – Milecka asked disappointedly.

– I wouldn't like to disturb my husband during business talks. Besides, I have my own affairs to attend to.

– It's a pity, because I would like to talk to you about business.

– I don't know anything about furniture.

– I will talk to your husband about the furniture. I have another proposition for you. Maybe you would be interested in making materials for your vlog from my hotels? These are seven luxurious facilities in very beautiful places in Poland…

– Great idea – Dymka interjects.

– But I guess not for me. I don't specialize in tourism, only in cosmetics and the beauty industry – the influencer grimaces.

– I remember that you came to me with this idea… – recalls Barbara.

– Exactly. And the lady was not interested in making materials in her clinic.

– Not in the clinic… but in hotels… yes. Each of them has its own SPA. And we also do beauty treatments there. At the same time, you would rest… and take advantage of the treatments yourself – Milecka will never cease to tempt you.

– I'll think about that. But at the moment I have so many orders that I can't take any new ones – says Dżesika with superiority.

– Nothing by force. If you decide that you have time for a new challenge, you will definitely contact me. True?

– True. Have nice conversations – Dżesika will say goodbye, happy that she thumbed her nose at her opponent for rebounding Kurzawski.

We would like to inform you that the 4359th episode of “Klan” by TVP1 will be broadcast on Tuesday, September 3 at 17.55.

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