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Keri Russell: Not just the series “Felicity”. The beautiful actress did not allow herself to be pigeonholed

Like many stars Keri Russell she started her artistic career at a very young age. As a child, she attended ballet and jazz classes and performed in a band “Mesa Stars Dance and Drill”. Later in high school in Colorado, she was discovered by a Disney talent scout and made her debut in 1991 “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse”.

“There’s nothing better than having this on your CV” – he laughs after many years. Celebrities such as Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Justin Timberlake began their careers in the same production.

Your her first appearance on the big screen was in 1991 in a family comedy “Honey, I made the kid bigger”. Then she appeared in titles one by one “Daddy’sGirl”, “The Babysitter’s Seduction” , “Malibu Beaches”, “Everything for you” and “Don’t lose the most important thing”. In 1994, she appeared in Bon Jovi’s music video for the song “Always”.

The breakthrough in the actress’s career was her role in the series “Felicity”, where Russell played the title character, a New York college student. The plot was based on the everyday life of a young girl studying and living away from her native California. Polish viewers could watch Keri on TVP2 and TVP3.

Originally, the show was broadcast for 4 seasons in 1998-2002 on WB TV with a total of 84 episodes. Each series focused on Felicity’s next year of school. The creators of the series were JJ Abrams and Matt Reeves.

The adventures of a young student turned out to be a success not only among viewers, but also among critics. In 1999, Russell won a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Television Drama Series for her role.and the series itself was nominated for this award in the Best Fiction Series category.

At that time Keri Russell was known for her characteristic long, curly hair. At the beginning of season 2 “Felicity” without the producers’ knowledge, she cut them down. This caused a wave of protests among TV viewers. Some even see this fact as the reason for the program’s decline in viewership.

In 2002, the American starred alongside Mel Gibson and Madeleine Stowe in the film “We were soldiers”aw “Harsh words”starred with Kevin Costner and Joan Allen.

The actress made a brave decision and took a break from show business for several years. This is how he remembers it in an interview with the New York Times:

I never worried for a moment that I wouldn’t find a job later. I really wanted this break. There was a time when I even thought about permanently leaving acting. I needed time for myself. I wanted to arrange my apartment and take care of my relationships with my friends. And that’s what I did until I didn’t again I missed the camera.”

In 2006, Abrams, who remembered Russell from the set “Felicity”personally proposed her participation in the film “Mission: Impossible 3”. “The training was a lot of fun. I spent almost four and a half months practicing with stuntmen” – he recalls.

In 2007 she appeared in “August Rush”, which received an Oscar nomination in the Music category. She was constantly on screen. In 2014, we saw the actress in another high-budget production – “Rise of the Planet of the Apes”.

“I enjoy acting in action movies. As a child, I wanted to be a dancer. I think anything that gives you a break from everyday life is cool” – she summed up the role in the film.

Later critics praised her title role in the independent production “Waitress”. In the years 2013-2018, the American artist was the star of the series “Occupation: American”. In the story set in the 1980s, together with Matthew Rhys, they played Soviet spies posing as husband and wife. Unexpectedly, a feeling emerged between the actors, which they had been trying to hide from the film crew for a long time. Their secret was discovered by one of the directors who noticed that the actors behaved while playing an intimate scene “too comfortable”.

Matthew, now officially a partner, accompanied Keri when On May 30, 2017, during the unveiling of her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The actress was also supported there by fellow director JJ Abrams.

After 2019, she added to her artistic achievements the involvement in: “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Revival” and success in the Netflix series “Diplomat”which, after its premiere on April 20, 2023, took first place in the TOP10 series ranking.

The beautiful Keri Russell doesn’t slow down. Of many stars of cult series, she managed her career very well after the success of and she distanced herself from the patch “actress of one role”. Who knows what productions we will see her in in the future?

Today, the 48-year-old American avoids scandals and does not participate in social media. He continues to impress with his image and statements in interviews. She has two children from her previous marriage to Shane Deary and a son with her current husband, Matthew Rhys. The happy couple can often be seen on red carpets.

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