Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Jurek Owsiak announces changes at Pol’and’Rock Festival. “We are waiting for every comment”

jubilee, thirty. Pol’and’Rock Festival will take place on August 1-3 Czaplinek (Broczyno airport) in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship, in Drawsko County, between the Drawsko and Czaplino lakes. Jurek Owsiak has just signed a new contract with the mayor of Czaplinek Marcin Naruszewicz for the lease of this area until 2026 – this means that further editions of the former Woodstock stop.

During the visit related to the signing of the new contract, Owsiak and his team visited the area where his festival takes place. He also announced changes planned for this year.

“The whole field looks very great, which was full of dust two years ago. There was a phacelia growing here. Before the phacelia, there was also a collection of plants that were not the most friendly for our tents to spend time here. I remember clouds, huge clouds of dust that floated when the wind was blowing, when it was hot. It was very hot,” says Owsiak, showing the place where thousands of festival goers will have fun in August.

“Now, as you can see, there is a big, green, huge meadow that will be your campsite. Here, this entire runway, which is perfect for our walks, for organizing various games, for being here, for walks. So do I, even when concerts, I like to go here, I like to walk here, I like to visit, see how you have fun here, how you feel. This is a really fantastic place to organize our festival,” he adds.

Boss Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity he also asked for comments on how he could improve the festival and its surroundings. “We are waiting for every comment from you. We take it very seriously. When we can do something, we do it,” he emphasizes.

Among several dozen comments, the first suggestions quickly appeared, including: separation of the Small Stage and the Academy of Fine Arts (in Czaplinek, and earlier also for several years in Kostrzyn nad Odrą, the Small Stage was organized in the Academy of Fine Arts tent), the return of the Krishna Peaceful Village, increasing the number of showers and improving the access and parking issues around the area. Some people point out that the airport area is not the best place to organize the festival due to weather conditions (heat, lack of shade, wind).

The organizers have so far revealed that this year the American metalcore group will play in Czaplinek Motionless in White (Look!)German formation Electric Callboy (listen!)which combines electronic music, pop and heavy rock sounds, a French celtic-punk band Celkiltexotic Myrath from Tunisia, Americans from Less Than Jake, family trio from Mexico – The Warninglegend of the New York hardcore scene – Sick Of It All and the Swedish group returning to Jurek Owsiak’s party after 15 years Clawfinger (check!) and Germany with Guano Apes.

Polish stars will include: Kasia Kowalska and Flapjack (listen!)which will appear on the Small Stage.

Last year, Czaplinek featured, among others: American bands Biohazard and Spin DoctorsFrench manufacturer Carpenter Brut, Napalm Death (legend of the grindcore scene from Great Britain), British bands Apollo 440 and While She Sleepsa Welsh band Bullet For My Valentinea band from Switzerland Saint City OrchestraFrench Rise of the Northstar, The Scratch (hailed as one of the boldest Irish debuts in recent years), Steve ‘n’ SeagullsAustralians from The RumjacksUkrainian group Luik and Epica – Dutch star of symphonic metal.

They were Polish stars Beard, Krzysztof Zalewski, Marek Dyjak and groups LemON, Proletariat, Lady Pank, Golden Life, Hairy, Transgression and winners of the Golden Spinning Top: Apple Blossom and Pull The Wire. The festival ended traditionally Piotr Bukartyk together with the workshop participants with the piece “From So Many Clouds”.

In 2021, the festival was organized at the former Makowice-Płoty airport (West Pomeranian Voivodeship). In accordance with the restrictions at that time, 20,000 people attended the party. people.

Previously (in the years 2004-2019) the event was held in Kostrzyn nad Odrą in the province. Lubuskie. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, an online version was organized in 2020 in a Warsaw studio under the banner The most beautiful house party in the world. Previous locations – as Woodstock stop – these are Czymanowo on Lake Żarnowieckie (1995), Szczecin (1996) and Żary (1997-1999, 2001-2003). In 2000, Dziki Przystanek Woodstock took place in Lębork (the official event was canceled after protests from some of the town’s inhabitants).