Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Julia Wieniawa and Ralph Kaminski together. These scenes were not in the movie “Chłopi”

“Winter – Low Sun” (check!) is the third single for the painted adaptation “Peasants”. In the original version, the song is a traditional Kurpie song. Łukasz LUC Rostkowski created a new lullaby, dark and quite trip-hop version of it for the film. It brings together a strong duo of the young generation (the juror appearing in the film “I have a talent” Julia Wieniawa and Ralph Kaminski), the band’s magical sounds Lor and the Kurpie voice Apolonia Nowak.

The composition was written for one of the scenes that did not appear in the film, but the clip takes us to the world of fantasy through Jagna and Boryna’s miniature house. Music video directed by DK Welchman and Szymon Kuriata refers to the lullaby mood of the song, inviting the viewer to the kingdom of childhood and imagination, where the boundaries between dreams and reality are blurred.

In “Winter – Nisko Słonko”, the most important role is played by the dreamy, motoric loop of the violin (Lor), whose interwoven motifs form the basis of the musical background. However, the combination of the voices of Julia Wieniawa, Ralph Kaminski and Jagoda Kudlińska (Lor) and the Kurpie voice of Apolonia Nowak completes the entire composition.

A painterly adaptation of the novel Władysław Reymont over 2 million viewers saw it in Polish cinemas. The production turned out to be a great success (including the Polish Oscar candidate, Golden Eagles), which also benefited from the soundtrack. The filmmakers, in cooperation with LUC and the Rebel Babel Film Orchestra, have created an 80-minute show that will immerse viewers in the world of captivating film and folk music combined with animated painting and mesmerizing dance shows.

The world premiere will take place on April 26 at Torwar in Warsaw. Soloists will include: Kayah, Apple Flower and Bela Komoszyńska.

Previously, the music for the film was promoted by singles “Autumn – Dance” performed by, among others, Kayah and Dagadana (third place in the Polish preselections to Eurovision) and “End of the summer” (Additionally Kwiat Jabłoni, Karolina Skrzyńska and Bela Komoszyńska from Sorry Boys).