Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Johnny Depp is in trouble again. He allegedly did this on the set of his hit film

American actress Lola Glaudini was recently a guest on the “Powerful Truth Angels” podcast. She recalled working on the film “Blow” by Ted Demme’a, in which Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz played the main roles.

Glaudini confessed that she had a very unpleasant incident with a famous actor who insulted her in front of the entire crew. All because during one of the shots, the actress burst out laughing. This was the result of her arrangements with the director, which Depp did not know about.

“When I heard the signal, I started laughing out loud. After the word was said ‘cutting’Depp came to me, put his finger in my face and started screaming: ‘Who the hell do you think you are? Shut up, f…, you f… idi…. Oh, aren’t you laughing now? Now can you shut up? And that’s how it’s supposed to stay'”- recalled the actress.

“It was my first studio film, I had only made independent films before. And then this star, who was my idol and with whom I wanted to play so much, completely scolded me. I had one thought in my head at that time: ‘Just don’t cry'”- she added.

Glaudini told her father about this unpleasant incident. “Dad told me that I had two options. I could show my honor and leave, or I could not give him the satisfaction and make sure he would never see my weakness again. Later, Depp came up to me and explained himself, saying that he was a little tense and nervous because he has to speak with a Boston accent. He asked if everything was fine between us. I replied that of course, there was nothing to talk about,” said the actress.

She also revealed that during the entire incident, no one from the team stood up for her. “Nobody talked to me. I felt like a pariah. I was the b… that made Johnny angry.”‘Depp’s ego,” the 52-year-old noted.

Shortly after Glaudini’s interview on “Powerful Truth Angels”, spokesman Johnny commented on her words’Depp’s ego. “Johnny always puts good relationships with the team first. This story is significantly different from the memories of other people who were present on the set at the time,” he assured in an interview with Variety.

“In my job, it’s normal to constantly be listening to various sounds and noises. At that moment, I was focused on Johnny, checking for any disturbances – both during filming and rehearsals. I had never heard of such a situation, and it would have been “It’s certainly an extraordinary and widely commented event,” noted Samuel Sarkar, sound engineer on the set of the film “Blow.”