Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Jim Carrey in the role of a lifetime! Find out where to watch “The Truman Show”!

The Truman Show” this cult filmwhich draws the viewer into the extraordinary story of Truman Burbank (Jim Carrey), living in a charming seaside town. Truman leads a quiet, happy life with his loving wife, unaware that he is the star of a giant reality show that broadcasts 24 hours a day. His world is actually a large television studio, and everyone around him, from his neighbors to his wife, are Hollywood actors playing their roles.

In the movie, next door Jim Carreyalso occur Ed Harris as the all-powerful director Christof and Laura Linney as Truman's wife. Christof controls every aspect of the main character's life, deciding on his meetings and daily events. Suddenly, Truman begins to notice strange details in his surroundings and begins to suspect that his reality is not what it seems. The film, a satire on the media and our society, gained cult status thanks to its originality and deep message.

If you want to watch the cult movie “The Truman Show”, you have several options at your disposal. The film, which won three GOLDEN GLOBE awards, is available on streaming platforms such as Play Now and SkyShowtime.

Alternatively, you can also rent or buy it from websites such as PrimeVideo, Apple TV, Rakuten TV and Player.

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