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Jerzy Antczak was taken to the hospital’s intensive care unit. Doctors saved his life

The creator of such productions as “Nights and Days”, “Countess Cosel”, or “The Master”, Jerzy Antczak is a renowned Polish director and actor. For the cult “Nights and Days” he was even nominated for an Oscar in the category of best foreign language film.

The 94-year-old recently posted some disturbing news on Facebook. He was admitted to the hospital’s intensive care unit. Doctors battled the disease that attacked his body for ten days.

“I was taken to the intensive care unit. After two days, doctors detected a malignant species of bacteria and tried to find the right medicine, unfortunately without success. A medical chase began. Doctors used all available means, but worst of all, it turned out that the bacteria had gotten to my heart,” Antczak wrote on Facebook.

Later in the post, the director said that his kidneys had suffered as a result of the bacterial attack.

The kidney registration scale looks like this – 80% completely healthy, 15% end of existence. Before the catastrophe I had 57%, after the bacterial attack I have 40. So my poor kidneys have a bit of a reserve before they say: “Jaruniu, time to pack.”

Six years ago, Antczak was diagnosed with malignant bladder cancer. Two surgeries saved his life, and since then the filmmaker has been regularly monitoring his health.

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