Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Janusz Rewiński is dead. The versatile artist was 74 years old

He died at the age of 74 Janusz Rewiński. “A farewell that was not supposed to happen. On June 1, dad fought with his health. Unfortunately, this time he couldn't cope,” we read on the social media of the cabaret artist's son, Jonasz Rewiński.

Janusz Rewiński was known primarily as a cabaret artist. For many years he was associated with the Polish cabaret scene. Already during his studies he performed in the Krakow club Piwnicy pod Baranamiand also in “Meetings with Ballad” by Wiesław Dymny. After some time, he became permanently involved with the legendary Cabaret Tey. They also featured, among others: Zenon Laskowik and Bohdan Smolen.

Janusz Rewiński's greatest fame came from his cabaret performances Olga Lipińska, where he played the role of “Miśek” – a thick-skinned theater director. He was also once an actor Polish Theater in Poznań. There he performed primarily in interpretation “Revenge” by Aleksander Fredrowhere he played Wacław and Papkin.

At the same time, the cabaret artist acted as an actor. Viewers might remember him from the role of Stefan “Siara” Siarzewski, which he played in the production of the comedy “Kiler”popular in the 1990s. He also appeared in other films such as “The Travels of Mr. Kleks”and series “The Changelings”Whether “Tigers of Europe”.

Janusz Rewiński was not only an artist – he also tried his hand at politics. In 1991, in the parliamentary elections, he was elected a member of parliament of the first term. In later years, he supported Law and Justice.

Janusz Rewińki will be remembered by Poles primarily as a versatile artist. It is worth appreciating his musical performances, which were numerous in the career of an outstanding cabaret artist. He became famous thanks to his performances in the Tey Cabaret. Together with the other comedians from the group, he recorded an album in 1988 “Hustle”, containing 12 cabaret hits, eagerly listened to by Poles at that time. By children, however, he will be remembered as The Flying Dutchman. Janusz Rewiński performed one of the most recognizable songs from the film “The Travels of Mr. Kleks”, loved by the youngest.