Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Jack Nicholson was afraid of playing Schmidt. “What if I get stuck in this character?”

Jack Nicholson, an 87-year-old American, is one of the most frequently employed and awarded actors in the history of cinema. His portfolio includes many notable engagements.

In 1989 he played the role of Joker in Tim Burton’s “Batman”, in 1980 he played in Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining”, and in 1974 he performed with Roman Polanski in “Chinatown”. These are just a few of the titles in his long and storied career.

Outstanding actor in one of his roles he was afraid that after the production ended, he would never return to himself. I’m talking about the movie “Schmidt” from 2002 directed by Alexander Payne, an American tragicomedy based on Louis Begley.

Nicholson he played the title role of Warren Schmidt therea, a man who has just retired and is trying to get used to a less dynamic lifestyle. In this role, the actor was hampered by the portrayal of his character. Schmidt was a rather neglected old man. He was terrified that he would forever remain like his character.

“I really got myself into a mess for this movie too, and every day I looked in the mirror and thought in horror: “What if I’m stuck in this persona? What if I can’t be myself again?” “I thought later that I had always looked that extreme. There was only one time in my whole career when a director said to me, ‘OK, get down to the bottom and just look beautiful, Jack.’ That was Ken Russell in the film Tommy,” Nicholson told the Irish Independent.

The actor’s fears were not confirmed. Nicholson did not remain a neglected old man, and on the screen, he had a chance to play the charismatic Edward Cole in “The Bucket List” from 2007. What’s more, for his role in the film “Schmidt” received an Oscar nomination for Best Leading Actor.

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